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Limeline is an AI-enabled platform designed to facilitate efficient communication through automated meetings and calls. The system uses AI agents to conduct interactions on your behalf, relieving the need for individuals to be present during the meeting or call.

The agents can automate routine communications, increase attendance, provide real-time transcripts, and generate summaries. Notably, Limeline allows for customization of the call experience to align with a company's particular requirements, thus offering a branded and more personalized interaction.

This flexibility extends to respondents who can provide information or answer questions at any time. The tool has a broad range of applications, potentially benefiting sectors such as sales, customer success, research, marketing, recruiting, IT, and education.Limeline also provides a feature to review calls at any time via a recording, enabling users to focus on key aspects of the meeting without being concerned about notetaking.

An additional aspect is the forthcoming mobile app, intended for Android and iPhone devices, to provide a high-quality, reliable experience for users dialing in via their mobile phones.

In addition, a noteworthy aspect is the Limeline API, allowing for the creation of call links via an API call, connection to a branded AI meeting experience, and routing back users to your app.The tool is audio-only, with plans for incorporating video support in the future.

To assist users in navigating the system, Limeline offers a dedicated support team reachable via their website.


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Pros and Cons


Automated meetings and calls
Increases meeting attendance
Provides real-time transcripts
Generates call summaries
Customizable call experience
Branded interaction experience
24/7 interaction availability
Supports multiple sectors
Allows call reviews
Mobile app incoming
API for call creation
No need for note-taking
Plan for video support
Dedicated customer support
Cross-sector applications
Call record availability
Android and iOS support
Eliminates personal presence need
Facilitates remote access
Enhances mobile communications
Promises high-quality experience
Allows routing back users
Compatible with various sectors
Automated calls for recruiting
Promises future video support
Provides customer service support
Collects information on your behalf
Answers questions any time
Aids IT solutions
Benefits educational technology
Audio-only current version
Flexible respondent interaction
Efficient communication facilitation


Audio only
No immediate video support
Mobile app not available
Dependent on Internet connectivity
Branding customization complexity
Limited agents and meetings
Call-based facing
Lacks non-audio communication
Limited to elements of conversation
Costs per recorded call


What is Limeline?
What are the unique features of Limeline?
How does Limeline conduct meetings on my behalf?
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Does Limeline provide a mobile app?
Is Limeline fully audio or does it support video?
What kind of support does Limeline offer to its users?
How does the customization of call experience work in Limeline?
Can Limeline review calls at any time?
Does Limeline provide real-time transcripts and summaries?
How can Limeline increase attendance in meetings or calls?
How can Limeline automate routine communications?
Can information be provided or questions answered at any time via Limeline?
Does Limeline have an API integration feature?
Can I have a branded experience with Limeline?
What devices are supported by the Limeline mobile app?
When will video support be incorporated into Limeline?
How does the Limeline API work?
Does Limeline allow for creation of call links via an API call?
Can the Limeline API route back users to my app?

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