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Transform your meetings with the power of AI!
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Meetrics is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance the efficiency of meetings. Built on a foundation of AI technologies, it offers an array of features to streamline meeting preparations and executions, fostering productivity in all aspects of business collaboration.

It provides a three-step guide to ensure meeting preparedness and confidence, leveraging AI to define objectives and smart agenda settings. The platform offers seamless integration with existing tools, enhancing the overall user experience with its simplified UI, allowing ease of use without the need for additional learning.

Meetrics' intelligent meeting support is intended to assist users in consistently conducting successful meetings. Additionally, the platform supports team empowerment, enabling each team member to drive smarter, quicker, and more impactful contributions for the business meetings.

With Meetrics, tedious meetings are transformed into sessions filled with productivity and innovation. The introduction of various future features is anticipated such as Meetrics Run for streamlined meetings and clear follow-ups; Meeting Score for structured feedback evaluation; Meetrics GPT for unified accessible meeting data, and a dashboard for in-calendar analytics and team performance tracking.

All of these features are focused on consolidating a revolutionary approach to meeting management, based on thorough scientific research and evidence-based approaches.


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Meetrics was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines meeting preparations
Automated meeting execution
Productivity enhancement
Three-step meeting guide
Smart agenda settings
Seamless integration with tools
Simplified user interface
No additional learning required
Intelligent meeting support
Team empowerment feature
In-calendar analytics dashboard
Meetrics Run for follow-ups
Meetrics Score for feedback
Meetrics GPT for data
Scientific research evidence-based
Transforms tedious meetings
Encourages productive contribution
Team performance tracking
Ensures 100% preparedness
Promotes business collaboration
Defined meeting objectives
Cross-platform usability
Positive user ratings
Personalized meeting preparation
Unified meeting platform
In-sync meeting participants
Effortless preparation integration
Scheduled meeting reminders
Enhanced focus during meetings
Upcoming feature anticipation
Unstructured meetings reduction
Innovative meeting management
Team snowball effect
Enable efficient decision-making
Ease of use
Consistent meeting success
Individual autonomous control
In-calendar insights
Meetings efficiency tracking
Efficient meetings forecasting
User review validation
Evidence-based meeting solutions
Outstanding trial outcomes
Budget tracking features
Time-well-spent guarantee
Shorter, more efficient meetings
Maximum efficacy assurance
Unmatched customization options
Tailored analytics provision


No offline functionality
Limited free version
Invasive data collection
Dependency on third-party integrations
Pending future features
No mobile application
Possibly overwhelming for non-tech users
Limited languages support
No API access
Restricted customizability


What is Meetrics?
How does Meetrics utilize AI?
Can Meetrics integrate with my current tools?
What is the user interface of Meetrics like?
How does Meetrics enhance meeting efficiency?
How does Meetrics help in meeting preparations?
What is the three-step guide offered by Meetrics?
How does Meetrics contribute to productivity in business meetings?
How does Meetrics work towards team empowerment?
What future features are anticipated for Meetrics?
What is Meetrics Run?
What is Meeting Score in Meetrics?
What does Meetrics GPT offer?
How does the dashboard in Meetrics help in calendar analytics?
How does Meetrics transform tedious meetings?
What scientific research and evidence-based approaches does Meetrics base its technology on?
How does Meetrics ensure every participant is 100% prepared and in-sync for meetings?
What does Meetrics offer in terms of user experience enhancement?
What role does AI play in Meetrics' intelligent meeting support?
How can Meetrics help in driving smarter, quicker, and more impactful business contributions?

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