Meetings 2023-08-27
Boosted collaboration via automated meetings.
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Onward is a meeting automation software designed for ambitious teams. With its simple, powerful, and connected features, Onward allows users to automate their most important conversations efficiently.

The tool is aimed at enhancing productivity and streamlining work processes by automating various tasks associated with meetings. Users can easily schedule and coordinate meetings through the software, reducing the need for manual coordination.

Onward offers features such as analyzing issues, creating follow-up drafts, and updating records, which help optimize the meeting process. These features enable users to focus on important discussions and decision-making, rather than spending time on administrative tasks.

The tool emphasizes its ability to effortlessly execute meetings, enabling teams to save time and resources. With its intuitive interface, Onward aims to simplify the meeting automation process, making it accessible and user-friendly for a wide range of teams and individuals.

Onward positions itself as a valuable resource for ambitious teams looking to increase their efficiency and productivity. By automating essential conversation processes, the software allows users to devote more time and attention to strategic planning and collaboration.

Overall, Onward offers a straightforward and connected solution for automating important conversations, enabling teams to optimize their meeting workflows and drive better outcomes.

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Pros and Cons


Automates important conversations
Enhances productivity
Streamlines work processes
Automates scheduling and coordination
Reduces manual coordination
Analyzes issues
Creates follow-up drafts
Updates records
Effortless execution of meetings
Saves time and resources
Intuitive interface
Accessible to many teams
Facilitates strategic planning
Encourages collaboration
Optimized meeting workflows
Drive better outcomes
Aimed at ambitious teams


No mobile version
Lacks detailed analytics
No role-based access
No offline mode
Limited customization
Lacks integration with calendars
No multi-language support
No voice recognition
No video conferencing feature
Limited file sharing options


What is Onward?
How does Onward automate meetings?
What makes Onward user-friendly?
How can Onward increase my team's productivity?
What is the process to schedule and coordinate meetings using Onward?
What specific tasks can Onward automate in a meeting?
How does Onward simplify the meeting automation process?
Can Onward be beneficial for individual use or is it solely team focused?
What are the unique features offered by Onward to optimize the meeting process?
Does Onward's interface require tech-experience to navigate?
How does Onward contribute to strategic planning and collaboration within a team?
What makes Onward stand out from other meeting automation tools?
Can Onward analyze meeting related issues?
How does Onward help in drafting follow-ups?
Does Onward provide record updating features?
How is Onward accessible for a wide range of individuals?
What does the slogan 'Effortless Meetings for Ambitious Teams' mean for Onward?
Can I get Onward's early access?
How to get in touch with Onward for a live demo?
Does Onward offer any privacy features?

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