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Simulate advisory board meetings with AI.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to your virtual advisory board! Who are we meeting today?
Sample prompts:
👨‍🔬 Would you like to speak with a specific VC or persona?
📝 Can I get advice on a startup pitch?
💡 What's the best marketing strategy for a new product?
👥 How do I handle investor negotiations?
👨‍💼 Tips for scaling a tech company
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Create Your Own Advisory Board is a Generalized Pre-training Transformer (GPT) that simulates advisory board meetings with investors. Built on the base of ChatGPT, this GPT provides generated advice for startups and entrepreneurs.

The insights provided by this tool are formulated from the understanding gained by training the AI with knowledge from domain experts. This makes it a potentially invaluable tool for those seeking high-quality, reliable advice without the need for an actual advisory board.

It can aid in diverse business decisions, ranging from marketing strategies for new products to investor negotiations. The GPT recreates the experience of consulting with various VC personas or specific industry experts.

It also assists with startup pitch reviews and provides tips for scaling tech-oriented companies. The advisory board simulation created by the tool is designed to accommodate a discussion atmosphere that encourages insightful interactions.

Upon login, the user is greeted with a message that sets the tone for a virtual advisory board meeting. The conversation can then be steered according to the user's preference with the use of different prompt starters.

This tool requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus for its functionality.


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