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Laxis 2.0

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Meeting assistant: transcribes, tags, manages insights.
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Laxis is an artificial intelligence (AI) meeting assistant that helps businesses and professionals make the most of their meetings. It provides real-time transcription and tagging of the conversation, as well as pre-meeting personalized templates and post-meeting insight management.

This helps teams to stay focused on the conversation and capture important decisions and action items accurately. With Laxis, you can extract insights, action items and key quotes from individual meetings or across a set of interviews.

It also integrates with popular platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. Laxis is easy to use and can really help to increase productivity and efficiency.

It is trusted by UX designers, product managers, market research consultants, attorneys, investment professionals, management consultants, human resource officers and journalists.


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Laxis 2.0 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time transcription
Conversation tagging
Pre-meeting personalized templates
Post-meeting insight management
Extracts insights from meetings
Manages action items
Keeps key quotes
Integrates with Zoom
Integrates with Google Meet
Integrates with Cisco Webex
Integrates with Microsoft Teams
Designed for varied professionals
Increases productivity
Increases efficiency
Assists in capturing decisions
Effective for interviews
User-friendly interface
Enables better focus
Captures attendee's comments
Flags items for follow-ups
Sends accurate meeting outcomes
Lays out next steps
Keyword highlights for insights
Searches key themes
Analyses across set of interviews
Enhances hiring and research processes
Supports UX and product developers
Beneficial for management consultants
Supports journalists and media professionals
Facilitates market research
Pre-meeting planning support
In-meeting assistance
Post-meeting follow-ups
Smart memo creation
World-class editor
Effective search function
Allows downloading and sharing
iOS compatible
Chrome compatible
Free signup
High user-ratings
Saves users' time
Improves note-taking efficiency
Automates meeting captures
Uncovers hidden insights
Useful for marketing intelligence


No offline mode
No multilingual support
No available API
Limited platform integration
No video transcription
No encryption information
No automated invitation feature
No customization options
Doesn't support all browsers
Limited use-cases described


What is Laxis 2.0?
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What types of insights can Laxis extract from meetings?
Can Laxis be used across multiple meetings?
Does Laxis provide pre-meeting templates?
What post-meeting services does Laxis provide?
Is Laxis easy to use to increase productivity and efficiency?
Can Laxis help me manage meeting insights?
How does Laxis benefit UX designers and product managers?
Can Laxis be used by attorneys and investment professionals?
Does Laxis provide a Chrome extension?
Can I use Laxis alongside Microsoft Teams?
What are the in-meeting features of Laxis?
What are the post-meeting features of Laxis?
Can Laxis help me with my status meetings?
How can journalists use Laxis to capture the real story verbatim?


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