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Automated meeting prep and note-taking.
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Wudpecker is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps users prepare for and take notes during meetings. The tool offers pre-built meeting templates that provide clear agendas and talking points to help users make the most of their time and run productive meetings.

Wudpecker's chatGPT-powered AI summarization tool generates high-quality notes from the meeting, eliminating the need to dig through transcripts to find important information.

Wudpecker also records and transcribes meetings automatically, making every conversation searchable and allowing users to focus on the discussion instead of taking notes.

The tool can be used for free and offers integration with popular collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom, and Notion. Users can share meeting insights with their team to keep everyone updated and on the same page regarding action plans.

Wudpecker is designed for teams across the organization, including sales and partnerships, customer success, marketing, and talent acquisition. The tool's pre-built templates include sales discovery calls, customer feedback, user and market research, candidate interviews, and performance reviews.Wudpecker has received positive feedback from its users, with many praising its note-taking and summary generation capabilities, its ability to streamline meeting preparation, and its integration with popular collaboration tools.

Compared to other similar tools like Gong, Jiminny, and Refract/Allego, Wudpecker offers a free, comprehensive solution for meeting preparation and note-taking.

Wudpecker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated meeting prep
Automated note-taking
Pre-built meeting templates
Clear meeting agendas
Talking points provision
ChatGPT-powered summarization
Transcribes meetings automatically
Makes conversations searchable
Free to use
Integration with Slack
Integration with Zoom
Integration with Notion
Shares meeting insights
Designed for diverse teams
Template for sales discovery calls
Template for customer feedback sessions
Template for user and market research
Template for candidate interviews
Template for performance reviews
Allows focus on discussion
Streamlines meeting preparation
Positive user feedback
Improves note quality
Ensures no detail missed
Facilitates immediate sharing
Assists with action plan communication
Functional across entire organization
Automated meeting transcription
Record meetings feature
Share Insights feature
Integration with HubSpot
Integration with Salesforce
Integration with Google Docs
Sales & partnerships optimization
Customer Success optimization
Marketing optimization
Talent Acquisition optimization
Supports multiple meeting types
Promotes team collaboration
Streamlines workflows
Improves projects visibility
Increases productivity return on investment
Accelerates new team member onboarding
Easy sharing of summaries and snippets
Keeps all necessary data in one place
Helps in making informed decisions
Keeps teams up-to-date with project progress
Improves relationship building with clients


Limited integration options
No offline functionality
Cannot customize templates
No multi-language support
No mobile app
Dependent on chatGPT summaries
Incompatibility with certain video-conferencing tools
No transcription edit feature
No voice-command feature
Lacks permission hierarchies


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Does Wudpecker record meetings?
What collaboration tools does Wudpecker integrate with?
Can I share meeting insights from Wudpecker with my team?
Who can use Wudpecker?
Can Wudpecker be used for performance reviews?
What types of templates does Wudpecker offer for different meetings?
How is Wudpecker different than other similar tools?
How is Wudpecker free?
Why is Wudpecker designed for different teams within an organization?
How can Wudpecker help sales and partnerships teams?
What features does Wudpecker offer for customer success teams?
How can Wudpecker assist with marketing strategies?
Why is Wudpecker beneficial for talent acquisition?
What have users said about Wudpecker's note-taking and summary generation capabilities?
How does Wudpecker streamline the meeting preparation process?
What's the benefit of using Wudpecker's pre-built templates?

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