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Automatically transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes meetings.
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Avoma is an AI-based tool designed to offer comprehensive meeting and conversation management solutions. The tool primarily functions as a meeting assistant, taking on tasks such as automatic transcriptions and note generation, topic detection, keyword tracking, and speaker identification.

In addition, Avoma comes with a live bookmarking feature, making it easier to access important parts of the meeting conversation. Apart from being a meeting assistant, Avoma's capabilities extend to managing and scheduling meetings, providing tools for shared meeting templates and collaborative note editing.

Moreover, its conversation and revenue intelligence elements aid in decision-making by offering activity dashboards and allowing for interaction, competitor, and topic intelligence.

Avoma also facilitates collaboration in cross-functional teams, coupled with the capability to provide coaching insights to increase deal win rates and reduce employee ramp-up time.

Integrated with various conferencing, CRM, and Dialer systems, Avoma caters to a wide range of needs for sales, customer success, and remote teams.


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Pros and Cons


Automatic meeting transcribing
Summarizes meetings
Analyzes meetings
Speaker identification
Topic detection
Keyword tracking
Meeting scheduling
Agenda templates
Agenda collaboration
No-show reminders
Automatic recording
Live bookmarking
Collaborative note-taking
Conversation Intelligence
Revenue Intelligence
Activity dashboard
Interaction intelligence
Competitor intelligence
Coaching features
Deal intelligence
Conference integrations
CRM integrations
Dialer integrations
Sales solutions
Customer success solutions
Solutions for remote teams
Conversation management enhancement
Collaborative note editing
Global transcription search
Meeting content snippets
Meeting content playlists
Lead routing for scheduling
Augmented notes
Improved meeting outcomes
Historical conversation search
Multiple integration options
Supports various job roles
Real-time transcription
Data-driven decision-making tools
High-growth organization usage
Free signup
Free demo


No mobile apps mentioned
Competing tool comparison missing
No data security details
No customization mentioned
Limited conferencing integrations
Limited CRM integrations
Limited Dialer integrations
Free sign-up, but paid?
Limited target user groups
Not open-source


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What integrations does Avoma offer?
How can Avoma help sales, customer success, and remote teams?
How does Avoma's AI-generated note feature benefit me?
How does Avoma's live bookmarking feature work?
How does Avoma facilitate cross-functional team collaboration?
How can I use Avoma to increase deal win rates and reduce ramp-up time?
What are Avoma's capabilities in managing and scheduling meetings?
How does Avoma's conversation and topic intelligence aid in decision-making?
What systems can Avoma integrate with in terms of conferencing, CRM, and Dialer?

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