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Discover Goodnotes 6, the AI note-taking app loved by millions around the world.
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Goodnotes is an innovative AI note-taking application compatible with a variety of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Web. It has been designed with a focus on enhancing the user's handwriting experience, supported by Goodnotes' Digital Ink technology.

The program includes robust AI features like spellcheck and word complete, empowering users to concentrate on capturing their ideas rather than fretting over errors.

Recognizing the multi-device nature of modern life, Goodnotes ensures all notes are readily accessible across different platforms, facilitating seamless transitions between devices.

This versatility makes it suitable for a multitude of applications in schools, businesses, or personal use. The tool is capable of correcting mathematics homework, suggesting it relies on sophisticated technology capable of understanding and analyzing handwritten mathematical problems.

Additional features include the ability to freely write on paper that recognizes every typo. Goodnotes users can annotate PDFs, review notes, and type on a laptop while synchronizing their work across their devices.

Moreover, the software ensures the safety of users' notes and provides continued support for note-taking at no extra cost, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the tool.

In summary, Goodnotes presents itself as a dependable, multi-faceted, and intelligent tool for note-taking while redefining the classic handwriting experience with the inclusion of advanced AI functionality.


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Goodnotes was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 17th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Cross-platform compatibility
Multi-device synchronization
Handwriting enhancement
Digital Ink technology
Spellcheck feature
Word completion feature
Education application
Business application
Personal application
Correction for math homework
Typos recognition
PDF annotation
Notes review
Sync work across devices
Notes safety
Continued support
No extra cost
Wide application range
Math homework correction
Recognition of typos


Lacks collaborative features
No audio recording option
Limited text formatting capabilities
No dark mode
No offline functionality
No automatic save feature
Math correction feature limited
Limited word completion capability
Limited hand-writing recognition accuracy
Lacks version history

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