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Build your dream cap table with Flowlie's all-in-one fundraising hub
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Flowlie is an all-encompassing hub for fundraising purposes. It enables founders to construct an optimal cap table, design fundraising rounds, perform investor outreach, share pitch decks and one-pagers, and monitor investor engagement.

Existing tools include Round Builder to guide the fundraising process, Dilution Calculator to project the value of shares and the percentage sold, and industry terminology to impress potential investors.

Furthermore, Flowlie provides an investor database, personalized to each companys stage and style, to assist in identifying suitable investors. It also includes a unique AI-powered Deck Analyzer to test pitch decks prior to investor distribution.

For sharing purposes, Flowlie offers a one-pager builder showcasing information to facilitate investor decisions and a method to share these via desktop or mobile.

Its tracking abilities provide immediate feedback on investor engagement with shared information like pitch decks or one-pagers and allows founders to understand better who viewed their materials, for how long, and on what type of device.

Flowlie also provides detailed profiles of each investor, highlighting their investment interests and areas of expertise. This tool is not a fundraising marketplace; instead, it is a fundraising automation and analytics platform.

Its services are automated, but users are still responsible for engaging potential investors.


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Pros and Cons


Optimal cap table construction
Fundraising round design
Performs investor outreach
Shares pitch decks
Monitors investor engagement
Guided fundraising process
Projects share value
Calculates percentage sold
Impress investors with terminology
Provides investor database
Personalizes database per company
Assists in identifying investors
Deck Analyzer feature
Tester for pitch decks
One-pager builder
Informs investor decisions
Shares info via desktop or mobile
Immediate feedback on engagement
Tracks viewer data
Tracks viewer device type
Provides investor profiles
Highlights investor interests
Highlights investor expertise
Tracks investor engagement
Automates fundraising processes
Generates analytics
Round Builder tool
Dilution Calculator tool
User responsibility for engagement
Detailed engagement analytics
Fundraising automation
One-pager creation tool
Desktop and mobile sharing
Standardized one-pager template
Access Manager for engagement monitoring
Session insights
Investor fit score
Feedback on each view
Investor outreach preparation tools
Investor Database
Forecasting future share values


No fundraising marketplace
User-dependant potential investor engagement
Desktop and mobile sharing only
No offline tool usage
No integration with other apps
Limited sharing methods
No investor contacting service
No financial advice
Not registered as broker-dealer or investment advisor


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