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Tinder for Venture Capital.
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Parsers VC is an AI-driven tool tailored to serve the Venture Capital landscape. Its main functionality is to predict investments and facilitate venture matching.

The platform primarily caters to various parties involved in startup funding rounds, Active VCs, and individuals interested in company valuations. It achieves this through an array of resources and features made readily available on its platform.

Among these are distinct dashboards for visualization and interpretation of results, specific tabs for VC firms and startups, and regularly updated pricing details.

The platform also includes resources like a news tab with recent updates, a blog with expert insights, and a newsletter to remain updated with VC domain specifics.

It provides contact information including LinkedIn profiles and emails of startup team members, encompassing founders and partners. The service extends to enabling users to add their own companies onto the platform.

An API service is available, suggesting possible integration capabilities with other platforms or services. The user interface bears resemblance to 'Tinder', hinting at a simplified process of matching VCs with startup investment opportunities.

As an additional feature, Parsers VC runs a bonus program and has active presence over multiple social media platforms. This tool essentially serves as a comprehensive directory and matchmaker within the venture capital domain, powered by artificial intelligence.


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Aug 21, 2023
Parsers VC is an amazing tool that helps me predict investments and find the best venture matches. It has a lot of useful data and filters that make my research easier and faster. I’m very impressed by it!👏

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Pros and Cons


Predictive Investments tool
Search for startup funding rounds
Find active venture capitalists
Access company valuations
LinkedIn and emails provided
User-friendly dashboard
VC firms tab
Startups tab
API availability
Active blog
Investor matching
Data visualization
Current pricing details
Industry news access
Expert insights via blog
Networking capabilities
Social media presence
Predict investments functionality
Venture matching features
Add own company feature
Constantly updated database
Regular data updates
Bonus program
Newsletter for updates
Integration with other platforms
Simplified VC matchmaking
Vast company database
Fundraising Tinder concept
Company-specific tabs
Direct contact information access
Active VCs database


Non-transparent data sources
Unstated pricing model
Poorly defined predictive metrics
Limited integration capabilities
Vague term of service
Requires sign-up for access
Reliance on user-generated data
Incomplete contact information
No personalized data filtering
Unknown update frequency


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