Job recruitment 10 Mar 2023
Linkedin Manager
Optimizes LinkedIn hiring with smart automation.

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The LinkedIn Manager is a chrome extension AI tool designed for recruiters to help them maximize their recruiting efforts on LinkedIn. This tool serves as an AI-powered virtual assistant that simplifies recruiters' daily tasks, automates repetitive tasks, and saves them valuable time while focusing on other important aspects of their jobs.

It offers both free and premium features such as notifications, messaging, and network invites. Additionally, the premium features include the AI-assisted salary estimator, candidate profile notes, location mapping, local timezone detection, last profile view tracking, and automatic post boosting.The AI assistant in LinkedIn Manager takes into account various factors such as the job title, years of experience, location, and inflation to estimate appropriate salaries for candidates.

It also helps recruiters easily create engaging and informative articles for social media platforms by leveraging the power of AI-generated content. Furthermore, it provides recruiters with an option to tag and manage profiles without having to leave LinkedIn, access historical notes, seamlessly integrate location information, and get candidate's local time automatically, making scheduling calls a breeze.

Lastly, Auto Like and Auto Repost buttons help recruiters increase visibility on social media profiles and expand their networks effortlessly.Overall, LinkedIn Manager is an essential tool for recruiters who want to take their recruiting game to the next level by leveraging powerful AI features that replace time-consuming, repetitive and manual tasks with automation, freeing up valuable time for more important and strategic activities.


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