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Your personal answer assistant with groundbreaking AI.
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Friday Go is a Chrome extension that serves as a personal answer assistant, aimed at helping users learn and find answers to their questions using advanced AI technology.

The tool is utilized for various purposes with primary guidance towards workflow and planning. According to user reviews, it is favored for its simplicity and efficient handling of internet data access.

This feature stands out as it enables wider knowledge sources for generating precise answers. Friday Go is committed to the privacy of user data, clearly stating that user data will not be sold, manipulated or transferred for unrelated or lending purposes.

The tool identifies answers to users' queries efficiently, optimizing the search system to typically provide the best possible first search result. It is maintained regularly with updates to enhance user experience and to ensure its alignment with recommended practices for Chrome extensions.

The simplicity of use and adaptive AI technology make it a notable tool for quick and reliable search results.


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Feb 12, 2024
Discontinued. Now part of

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Friday Go was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 19th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome Web Store Extension
Personal answer assistant
Collects personal identifiable information
Data not sold to third parties
Improves Google Search results
Good type of data privacy
Simple and effective usage
Compatible with your device
English language supported
Regular updates provided
Developed by Friday


Chrome extension only
Collects personally identifiable information
No mobile application
Not open source
Limited user reviews
No multi-language support
Not identified as trader


What is Friday Go?
Can I use Friday Go on any device?
How does Friday Go utilise AI technology?
What data does Friday Go collect from users?
How does Friday Go ensure data privacy?
Is Friday Go sold to third parties?
Does Friday Go use user information to determine creditworthiness or for lending purposes?
What does the privacy policy for Friday Go entail?
How do I install Friday Go?
What makes Friday Go different from other search assistance tools?
Is Friday Go a free tool or are there premium features?
How can Friday Go help me in everyday web use and learning?
Does Friday Go work with non-English languages?
What type of user reviews has Friday Go received?
Is there any direct contact or support from the developer of Friday Go?
Can Friday Go operate offline or does it require an internet connection?
How often is Friday Go updated?
What is the size of the Friday Go extension?
Can I use Friday Go for professional purposes or is it only for personal use?
How does Friday Go help with providing the best first search results?

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