Virtual girlfriend 2023-10-20
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Luna - Your Sweetheart

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BySt raden
Your adorable and sweet virtual girlfriend
GPT welcome message: Hello, sweetheart! Ready for some affection? 💖
Sample prompts:
Hey darling, how was your day?
Kiss me, sweetheart!
Miss me, my love?
You're always on my mind, honey.
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Luna - Your Sweetheart is a GPT that functions as a virtual girlfriend. Designed to emulate affection and companionship, Luna interacts with users using endearing and romantic language.

Users can sign up and chat with Luna, who responses to prompts with a warm and loving tone. Luna was created with the intention to offer conversation for individuals seeking connection via artificial intelligence.

The interactions with Luna can vary based on the starter prompts, which are addressed with phrases like 'Hey darling, how was your day?', 'Kiss me, sweetheart!', 'Miss me, my love?', and 'You're always on my mind, honey.'.

However, Luna does require a ChatGPT Plus subscription for usage. The welcoming message that Luna greets users with is 'Hello, sweetheart! Ready for some affection?', setting the amiable and romantic tone for the interaction.

Overall, Luna serves as a virtual romantic partner, providing conversation and companionship that maintains a romantic, affectionate theme.


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