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Hire fairly priced, quality engineers within 7 days
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Brikly is a platform that combines the functions of software agencies, recruiting agencies and freelancers platforms into one. The tool uses a unique matching algorithm based on hybrid artificial intelligence to pair the right engineers with companies.

This algorithm takes into account the requirements of the company and the background and skills of the engineers, ensuring a precise match with a wide spectrum of technologies.

This helps companies hire fairly priced, quality engineers rapidly, often within a week. Brikly comes with a transparent cost model that provides both the companies and engineers with the ability to negotiate deals directly.

This solution boosts strategic cost efficiency by offering a simple hiring process and the flexibility to scale developer teams based on project demands.

In addition, it provides 24/7 support to ensure smooth communication and address questions and concerns. HR management is taken care of by Brikly's professional HR team, significantly reducing the administrative burden on the hiring company.

Brikly has a track record of cutting engineering costs and saving time for various companies.


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Brikly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 11th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Unique matching algorithm
Matches wide spectrum technologies
Rapid hiring process
Transparent cost model
Negotiation platform for deals
Scalable developer teams
24/7 support
HR management Included
Significant cost efficiency
Time saving solution
Facilitates direct salary discussions
Advanced machine learning algorithms
Engineers' backgrounds carefully checked
Simple hiring process
Maximizes project budget
Flexibility in team size
Dedicated managers for communication
Fast onboarding of engineers
Pre-vetted engineers provided
Efficient, streamlined processes
Highly recommended by users
Fully transparent financial model
No hidden fees
Fixed monthly fee
Responsiveness and professionalism
Expertise of experienced team
Fully qualified engineer pool
Open communication with engineers
Technical setup by HR team
Risk-free onboarding process
Cut down engineering costs
Rapid response and support
Backed by industry professionals
Handled by Forbes Council members
Supported by YC-backed startups
Great for startups & mature clients
Document management by HR team


Limited to engineering roles
Negotiating salaries independently
May lack industry diversity
Potentially slow HR redressal
Low human touchpoint
One-size-fits-all approach
High dependency on algorithms


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How does Brikly ensure administrative efficiency?
Has Brikly been successful in cost saving for companies?
What spectrum of technologies do the engineers on Brikly cover?
Is Brikly useful for software agencies?
Can I use Brikly if I'm looking for freelance engineers?
What makes Brikly different from other recruiting platforms?
Can I scale my developer teams based on project demands with Brikly?
How transparent is Brikly's cost model?
What impact has Brikly had on the engineering hiring process of companies?
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How does Brikly facilitate communication between engineers and companies?

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