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AI-powered resume builder for professionals
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ResumeWiz is an AI-powered tool aimed at creating professional resumes in an efficient and user-friendly manner. The key feature of ResumeWiz is its ability to provide resume building guidance in a structured, step-by-step process.

Users are initially required to log into their account where they gain access to the dashboard to commence the resume creation process. The system offers the flexibility to select from various templates conforming to the user's style and professional requirements.

The AI-powered form facilitates the user to input personal details, work experience, education, and skills. One of the beneficial aspects of ResumeWiz is its capability to compute an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) score, helping users understand how it might impact their resume success.

Based on this score, the system generates recommendations for improvements, allowing users to make necessary corrections. Once satisfied, users can download the resume in PDF or PNG formats for easy sharing.

The tool is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of job seekers looking for an intuitive, yet effective approach to resume building.


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Pros and Cons


Step-by-step resume guidance
User-friendly dashboard
Multiple template selection
Input personal details
Input work experience
Input education
Input skills
Computes ATS score
Recommendations for improvements
Download in PDF/PNG formats
Suitable for job seekers
Intuitive approach to resume building
Professional resume creation
Online accessible tool
Account-based service
Built-in resume correction
Easy resume sharing
Assists understanding ATS impact


Limited download formats
Required account login
No offline use
No real-time guidance
Template selection could be limited
Dependent on ATS score
No built-in spelling/grammar checker
No integration with job platforms
Manual data input
No multiple resume management


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Can ResumeWiz guide me through a structured resume creation process?
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Do I need to log in to use ResumeWiz?

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