Understand user behavior with AI-driven playback platform.
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Stey is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven platform designed to understand and interpret user behavior. Its key feature is the user behavior playback, which allows teams to directly observe client interactions with their product.

This platform showcases the user's actions, contexts, and purposes, going beyond traditional event tracking data. It automatically summarizes key moments in each user session, highlighting possible UX issues and offering suggestions for optimization.

Stey also provides user behavior analytics that allow easy access to user behaviour data through simple inquiries, eliminating the need for complex event tracking setups.

Stey is equipped with a reporting function that identifies user experience problems, generated automatically by AI and big data analysis. All these capabilities aim to enhance overall customer experience, revealing UX issues, providing actionable insights, and helping in swiftly locating and addressing customer experience problems.


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Stey was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


User behavior playback
Direct client interaction observation
Showcases user actions
Context and purpose tracking
Automatic session summarization
Highlights UX issues
Suggests optimization solutions
Provides user behavior analytics
Easy access to user data
Simplifies inquiries
Generates UX problem reports
Enhances customer experience
Swiftly addresses customer problems
Product interaction review
Replay of user's view
Automatic event collection
Direct UX issue revelation
Immediate analysis function
Identifies common UX problems
Direct problem replay display


No detailed privacy terms
Potential GDPR compliance issues
Absence of manual event tracking
Potential bias in UX issue detection
No user interactions customization
Fixed data analysis criteria
No real-time behavioral tracking
Lack of multi-platform support
No integration with other analytics tools


What is Stey?
How does Stey understand and interpret user behavior?
How does the user behavior playback feature work?
How does Stey showcase actions, context, and purposes of users?
What makes Stey different from traditional event tracking data?
How does Stey summarize key moments in each user session?
How does Stey highlight UX issues and offers suggestions for optimization?
How does the user behavior analytics feature work on Stey?
How can Stey eliminate the need for complex event tracking setups?
How does the reporting function in Stey work?
How does Stey use AI and big data analysis to enhance customer experience?
How can Stey help in locating and addressing customer experience problems?
How can Stey assist in UX issue detection?
How does Stey ensure customer experience optimization?
What is the role of AI reporting in Stey?
How does product interaction take place in Stey?
How does session summarization take place in Stey?
Can Stey really help in market research?
Does Stey raise any privacy concerns?
How much does Stey cost?

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