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Flowstate is a solution designed as a co-pilot for users of web applications. It provides a seamless integration of knowledge and support, focusing on enhancing users' proficiency within a web app effortlessly.

Flowstate works by creating and recording 'flows', which are sequences of actions to achieve a specific objective within a web app. This process essentially trains the AI on the various capabilities of your web app, turning it into an expert able to assist your users with their interaction with the app.

This AI guidance can help users overcome any obstacles they may encounter, or even enlighten them with additional knowledge in the process, all with the aim of providing a superior user experience.

The emphasis of Flowstate is on addressing the inherent learning curve of new web apps, providing a solution that works through natural language communication, resulting in an elevated UX.

While it encourages creating multiple flows for extensive coverage, it avoids specific quantified objectives, instead focusing on augmenting the overall experience and usability of apps.


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Flowstate was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Seamless knowledge integration
Elevates user proficiency
Overcomes user obstacles
Natural language communication
Focuses on UX elevation
Creates actionable 'flows'
Aids in user interaction
Provides extensive coverage
Avoids quantified objectives
App proficiency improvement
Addresses web app learning curve
Teaches users new knowledge
Enhanced app usability
Supports multiple flow creation
Expert assistance at fingertips
Instant user support
Works as web app co-pilot
Aims to offer 100% coverage
Helps in objective achievement
Interactive and intuitive co-pilot


Requires extensive workflow recording
No specific quantified objectives
Over-reliance on natural language
Lacks UI/UX customization features
Possibly intrusive for users
No clear error handling
Complex implementation for beginners
Lacks multi-platform support
Doesn't support offline usage


What is Flowstate and how does it work?
How does Flowstate enhance web app user proficiency?
How does Flowstate train its AI and what does it learn from?
What are 'flows' in the context of Flowstate?
Can Flowstate assist users in real-time?
How does Flowstate deal with obstacles users may face?
In what ways does Flowstate improve the overall user experience?
How does Flowstate's natural language processing feature work?
Is there a limit to how many 'flows' can be created on Flowstate?
How does the AI in Flowstate analyze user experience?
How can Flowstate provide support to users of web applications?
What sets Flowstate apart from other tools aimed at improving web app user experience?
How does Flowstate address the learning curve of new web applications?
Can you provide a practical example of how Flowstate helps a user with a web app?
Does the AI of Flowstate have the capacity to teach users something new?
Are the flows I create in Flowstate kept private or shared with other users or companies?
How can Flowstate elevate the UX of a web app?
Can Flowstate be integrated into any type of web application or does it need specific requirements?
What is the goal behind the concept of avoiding specific quantified objectives?
What is the process of setting up a Flowstate integration for my web app?

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