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Enhance your UX design process with AI-powered tools.
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UX Pilot is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered web application and Figma plugin that is designed to streamline the user experience (UX) design process.

As a comprehensive suite of UX tools, it covers various stages from discovery to visual design. A key feature of UX Pilot is its UX design review functionality, which provides users with valuable tips to optimize their designs further.

It has high testimonials, particularly from users who have seen improved conversion rates on their landing pages. UX Pilot also facilitates the generation of custom workshop templates, simplifying the facilitation process for users.

One integral part of the offering is the use of AI to generate insights from text, enabling users to better understand and interpret user data. Users can design and ideate within the platform with access to services like requirements gathering, conducting workshops, and analyzing data.

It is further suitable for conceiving the look and feel of a design through style guide creation. Notably, UX Pilot integrates directly with Figma and FigJam, allowing users to access these tools without needing to switch tabs or windows.

Given its comprehensive functionality, UX Pilot can be a valuable tool for designers, content creators, and UX professionals.


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UX Pilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive UX tool suite
UX design review feature
Improves landing page conversion
Custom workshop template generation
Text-to-insight functionality
Facilitates requirements gathering
Data analysis tools
Style guide creation
Figma and FigJam integration
supported by designer testimonials
Enhances ideation process
Streamlines facilitation process
Conducive for content creators
Can be used in discovery
Can be used in visual design
No need to switch tabs
Generates automatic insights from user data
Embedded ChatGPT for Figma
Requirements gathering feature
User interview functionality
Multiple workshop templates
Turns text to insight
Can generate style guide
Ideal for UX professionals
Aligned team goal setting
Allows user to define project context
Unlimited UX templates (paid)
Wireframes generator (paid)


No integration with Adobe tools
Limited to web applications
Not stated offline capability
No multilingual support indicated
Requires Figma subscription
No native mobile app
Limited free version features
Limited mention of data security


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Who are the primary users of UX Pilot?
How can UX Pilot help with requirements gathering and data analysis?
What is style guide creation in UX Pilot?
Is there a free version of UX Pilot available?
What benefits does the Lite plan of UX Pilot offer?
How can sharing a review about UX Pilot on social media get me a discount?
What are the different UX Pilot plans?
Can UX Pilot help in conducting workshops?
How does UX Pilot assist in enhancing the UX design process?
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What are the color & gradient AI in UX Pilot Figma Plugins?
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How can UX Pilot aid in defining the look and feel of a product through its Conceive feature?

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