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Improve customer interactions across channels.
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CX Cortex is an AI-powered CX analytics platform offered by Hostcomm. This software solution analyzes customer interactions across various communication platforms, including call recordings, emails, and text messages.

It utilizes automatic transcription, analytics, and behavior measurement to understand the content and context of these interactions.With CX Cortex, businesses can monitor staff behavior and customer experience across multiple communication channels.

The platform generates behavior summaries, which can be used to automatically prioritize important issues, provide accurate coaching to staff, and create a self-improving knowledge base.The AI-powered capabilities of CX Cortex enable it to automatically triage interactions and suggest appropriate responses based on historical data.

This helps streamline customer support processes and improve response times.The platform also offers the ability to measure and analyze staff performance, providing valuable insights for training and improvement purposes.

By collecting feedback on a daily basis, businesses can gather actionable information and make continuous enhancements to their customer service operations.CX Cortex is currently used by various brands to optimize their customer service operations.

It facilitates automation and efficiency in customer interactions, ensuring timely and personalized responses.Overall, CX Cortex is a comprehensive AI-driven CX analytics tool that helps businesses understand, prioritize, and improve their customer interactions across multiple communication channels.


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CXCortex was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 9th 2023.
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