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ByKonstantin Vassilev
Creating idea lists for products.
GPT welcome message: Ready to explore creative ideas for products? Let's start!
Sample prompts:
List novel features for a smartwatch.
Brainstorm unique uses for virtual reality in education.
Suggest innovative designs for sustainable packaging.
Generate creative applications for AI in healthcare.
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AIT-Visionaire is a GPT that generates creative ideas for products. It offers a unique way to foster innovation and ideation for new or existing products.

Users start by defining a Product and a Topic, and the GPT provides a list of creative ideas associated with these parameters.AIT-Visionaire can be thought of like a brainstorming partner available any time to provide innovative suggestions for a diverse range of products including, but not limited to, eCommerce websites, smartwatches, virtual reality in education, sustainable packaging, or AI applications in healthcare.

This makes AIT-Visionaire a valuable tool for individuals and organizations in fields where creativity and ideation are key to success.The GPT offers interactive assistants to guide users in exploring innovative ideas for products.

It also contains a set of prompt starters to help inspire creative suggestions. This includes generating novel feature ideas for a smartwatch or brainstorming unique uses for virtual reality in education.

AIT-Visionaire is designed to be a collaborative tool to spark new thinking, and it is built on the ChatGPT platform which supports natural language understanding and generation capabilities.To use AIT-Visionaire, it requires users to sign up for ChatGPT Plus, a subscription service provided by the developer.

Although the GPT works independently, it can also function in synergy with human input, making it a versatile tool for ideation and creativity. This GPT might serve as a useful tool for product designers, strategic thinkers, and innovators who seek creative insights on their product development processes.


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