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Turn your photos into notes with AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered application designed to transform photos into organized, editable notes. It is particularly adept at converting photographs of classwork, meetings, and whiteboard captures into structured notes.

Users have the ability to tag and categorize their notes for quick access and better organization. This innovative tool also offers easy integration options with popular apps like Notion, Obsidian, Google Docs, and Office 365.

In addition to this, it comes with a feature that allows real-time synchronization of notes across devices to facilitate smooth and consistent workflows.

The tool lays strong emphasis on the security and privacy aspects, ensuring that all data is encrypted and securely stored. It also offers the convenience of formatting notes using custom templates for a more personalized note-taking experience.

With the ability to take notes just using your phone, transforms the conventional process of note-taking by enabling one to capture and convert slides, whiteboard views, and other forms of handwritten notes into editable text within seconds.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms photos into notes
Categorize and tag notes
Integration with Notion, Obsidian
Integration with Google Docs, Office 365
Real-time synchronization
Data security and privacy
Image-based note-taking
Document Digitization
OCR Technology
Image-to-Text Conversion
Image Processing
Education Tool
Productivity Tool
Custom note templates
Able to capture slides
Transforms handwritten notes


No offline mode
No support for Linux
No handwriting recognition adjustment
Limited custom template options
No multi-language support
No native app for iOS/Android
No video to notes feature
No free tier available
Doesnt support all image formats
No batch processing


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How does's custom template feature work?
Can I use on my phone?
Does support note-taking from whiteboard captures?
What is's OCR Technology?
How does help in digitizing documents?
Does convert handwritten notes into editable text?
Can recognize and convert text from images?
How does facilitate productivity?
Is used for educational purposes?
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