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Expertise identification and sharing made efficient.
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Onri AI is a people search engine designed to help users quickly find experts within their organization. By simply asking "Who knows about ...?", Onri AI provides immediate assistance without the need for aimless inquiries.

Unlike traditional methods such as long email threads, Onri AI eliminates the time wasted in searching for domain experts and connects the user directly to the right person.

The tool leverages organizational knowledge by integrating with GitHub and Jira accounts, learning from thousands of code commits and tickets related to each teammate's work.

When a search is performed, Onri AI generates a list of domain experts, enhanced with relevant code commits and tickets, allowing the user to confidently approach the most suitable individuals.

Onri AI offers several key benefits. Firstly, it significantly reduces the negative impact of knowledge silos within growing teams, helping to avoid productivity slowdowns.

Secondly, the tool eliminates the need for time-consuming email threads in search of assistance, resulting in more efficient collaboration. Furthermore, Onri AI operates seamlessly in the background, continuously learning and updating its search results based on the ever-evolving expertise within the team.

Finally, the tool requires minimal maintenance and provides a fresh and accurate search experience.Supported platforms include GitHub and Jira, enabling users to integrate their accounts with Onri AI.

Overall, Onri AI enhances team productivity by quickly connecting users with the right experts and harnessing the collective knowledge of an organization.


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Pros and Cons


Expert search within organization
Quick identification of expertise
Integrates with GitHub, Jira
Learns from code commits
Learns from Jira tickets
Minimizes knowledge silos
Efficient collaboration
Operates seamlessly in background
Requires minimal maintenance
Results from evolving expertise
Enhances team productivity
Cuts through siloed knowledge
Saves time on searches
Immediate expert identification
Reduces email thread dependence
Maintains fresh search results
Set-up time less than 3 minutes
Leverages past work knowledge
Design enriched with relevant data
Always up-to-date search results
Continuous learning mechanism
Enriched expert profiles
Facilitates problem solving
Prioritizes team efficiency
Streamlined user interface
Results relevant to user needs
Zero user interference while learning
Monitors changes in team expertise
Fosters efficient knowledge sharing


Integrates only with GitHub, Jira
No API mentioned
Dependent on user input
Requires continuous data updating
Possible privacy concerns
No offline functionality mentioned
May lack in-depth expertise evaluation
No multi-language support mentioned
Lacks personalization features
Dependency on consistent team workflow


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