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Enhances engagement and networking in virtual events.
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Remo is a virtual events platform that aims to bring authentic online experiences to life. It offers a range of features and tools to enhance engagement and networking opportunities during virtual events.

With Remo, users can create interactive events of various types, including workshops, fairs, conferences, webinars, and more.One of the standout features of Remo is its networking capabilities.

Attendees have the freedom to move around virtual tables, engage in conversations with other participants, and build meaningful relationships. This sets Remo apart from traditional web conference platforms, where interactions are often limited.Remo also provides visually stunning environments, allowing organizers to create multiple rooms and floors for different purposes.

Users can choose from pre-designed environments or customize their own, creating immersive experiences for attendees.The platform offers a range of engagement tools, including polling, quizzing, assigned seating, whiteboards, and upvoted Q&A.

These features empower organizers to create interactive and engaging sessions. Post-event analytics are also available, allowing organizers to gain insights and measure the success of their events.Remo aims to solve the problem of online events becoming monotonous and uninspiring.

By prioritizing genuine human connections and providing a user-friendly platform, Remo aims to create virtual events that are as real and engaging as face-to-face meetings.


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Pros and Cons


Enhances engagement in virtual events
Supports multiple types of events
Advanced networking capabilities
Freedom for attendees to interact
Creates visually stunning environments
Provides range of engagement tools
Inbuilt polling, quizzing features
Facilitates assigned seating
Offers whiteboards for interaction
Features upvoted Q&A
Provides post-event analytics
Supports custom environment design
Capacity for interactive, engaging sessions
Supports workshops, fairs, conferences, webinars
Encourages face-to-face-like interactions
Offers varied pre-designed environments
Enables creation of multiple rooms, floors
Solution for enterprise, corporate
Solution for higher education
Solution for human resources
Solution for professional associations
Solution for law firms
Supports virtual and hybrid events
Remo Zoom App
Supports multiple languages
Facilitates sponsorship embedding
Enables lock tables feature
Allows shuffle mode
Freedom for attendees to move
Seamless transition from webinar to networking
Supports multiple event formats
Supports networking virtual tables
Attendee view emojis
24 x 5 Attendee and Host Support
Agency Program
Custom Floorplans
Mic Cam Test feature
Flexible pricing
Platform accessible for elderly
Easy-to-read event data
Affordability in online gatherings
Supports unlimited meetings and events
Embed videos & resources feature
Native whiteboarding with templates
Embed Web Apps
Immersion via in-person-like networking
Audience view emojis
Easy login and access
One-minute onboarding option
SOC 2 and ISO27001 compliant


Limited personalization
Complex setup
Visual over-crowding
No free version
Non-intuitive interface
Limited moderation control
Lacks language options
Weak post-meeting data analysis
Restricted event styles
Requires high internet speed


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What are the standout features of Remo?
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Does Remo offer an option for interactive content during events?
How does Remo differ from traditional web conference platforms?
Can Remo help my audience build meaningful relationships?
What sponsorship banners does Remo provide?
Can I use Remo to generate event ideas or event names?
Does Remo provide any free tools for event organizers?
Can Remo be used for professional associations?
What solutions does Remo provide for higher education events?

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