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Improves networking by connecting users with matches
Generated by ChatGPT

Human Circles AI is a generative AI tool designed to enhance the meaning and value of your social and professional circles. With the goal of making networking more effective and personalized, this tool employs ChatGPT to provide precision networking and smarter engagement.

By leveraging LinkedIn search, Human Circles AI helps users connect with the most relevant and suitable matches based on their specific requirements and interests.

Users can simply command the tool, and it will generate a list of perfect matches to connect with.The tool also enables users to establish meaningful connections quickly by sending hyper-personalized engagement messages based on shared interests.

Human Circles AI aims to optimize networking across all categories, making it suitable for various purposes such as fundraising for startups, career guidance, hiring and outsourcing, business development, alumni networking, and strategic partnerships.The expertise and insight provided by exceptional advisors, including Jim Moffatt, ex-Vice Chairman Global CEO, Mary Shea, Co-CEO of Mediafly and former VP Global Innovation Evangelist, and Robert McNutt, Senior Vice President of Network Security, guide the development of Human Circles AI.For those interested in trying out this tool, there is a free version available.

With its focus on meaningful connections and personalized networking, Human Circles AI offers a valuable resource for individuals and professionals looking to optimize their social and professional circles.


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Oct 24, 2023
It simply doesn't work. There is an error message and no one to advise on how to fix the bug

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Pros and Cons


Precision networking
Smarter engagement
Generates personalized engagement messages
Quickly establishes connections
Optimizes networking across categories
Guided by expert advisors
Offers free version
Uses LinkedIn search
Can match based on interests
Serves various networking purposes
Useful in fundraising
Helpful in career guidance
Handy in hiring and outsourcing
Facilitates business development
Fosters alumni networking
Aid for strategic partnerships
No credit card required for trial
Chrome extension available
Diverse use cases
Can locate university batch-mates
Can suggest partnership options
Recommended by industry veterans
Creates meaningful bonds
Satisfies various networking needs


Only leverages LinkedIn search
Generative messaging lacks customization
Dependent on user command
Optimization across categories unclear
Free version limitations unspecified
Advisors' contribution unclear
Chrome extension exclusive
Lacks integration with other platforms
No detailed privacy policy
No support for autonomous operations


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How can Human Circles AI benefit professionals in optimizing their social and professional networks?
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Does Human Circles AI aid in business development and forming strategic partnerships?
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What does precision networking mean in the context of Human Circles AI?
Is Human Circles AI recommended by any industry experts or veterans?
Does Human Circles AI require any credit card details for trying out the free version?
Where can I install the Human Circles AI Chrome Extension?
How do smarter engagements work in Human Circles AI?
How does Human Circles AI assist with hiring and outsourcing?


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