Prank calls 2024-04-02
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Send AI prank calls for every occasion.
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CandyCall is an AI-powered application that facilitates the sending of prank calls. This platform stands apart due to its unique offering of notable celebrity voices which can be used to reproduce speech for these calls.

Users can select from an array of prominent figures, including political figures and widely recognized personalities in popular culture, to send entertaining and humorous prank calls to friends.

In addition, one of its intriguing features is the capacity to upload a user's own voice, enhancing the personalization and innovative experience of the prank.

Alongside its core functionality, CandyCall provides a variety of prank calls suited for multiple occasions including birthday wishes and comedic charades.

This introduces diverse and versatile options for users to leverage. Though the platform's main goal is to provide entertainment, its advanced AI capabilities allow for the creation of believable voice replication, expanding its application range beyond pranks to potential creative and recreational activities.


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Apr 3, 2024
The Joe and Trump ones cracked me up :)) i'll be using this to wish my friends a happy bday

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Pros and Cons


Celebrity voice options
Upload own voice
Diverse occasion pranks
Believable voice replication
Reprduction of popular culture personalities
Political figure speeches
User interactivity
Applicable for recreational activities
Versatile and diverse options
Variety of comedic charades


Limited to voice pranks only
Dependent on celebrity voices
Ethical concerns over impersonation
Potential for misuse
Risk of privacy violation
Limited customization options
Inappropriate use of political figures
Potential legal concerns
No voice editing tool


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Can CandyCall be used for recreational activities?
Are there any privacy concerns with using CandyCall?
How can I create an account on CandyCall?
Can I use CandyCall for comedic charades?
Does CandyCall offer any other services apart from sending prank calls?
What is the quality of AI voice in CandyCall?
Can CandyCall be used for birthday pranks?
How can CandyCall be used for humor and entertainment?


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