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Resized and remixed songs with smart audio editing.
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TuneBlades is smart audio editing software that allows users to automatically resize, remix, and adjust songs while preserving the melody fundamentals and voices.

With this tool, users can creatively extend or shorten music to any desired duration while ensuring the integrity of the melody. TuneBlades utilizes artificial intelligence to achieve automatic audio resizing and remixing, making it a versatile tool for editing audio content.The software offers easy uploading through drag and drop functionality or by pasting a link into the TuneBlades app, allowing users to get started quickly.

Additionally, TuneBlades provides a variety of ready-to-share formats, with 10 unique renders to choose from before exporting in high-definition audio file types like mp3, wav, or m4a.TuneBlades is available for both MacOS and iOS platforms, catering to users across different devices.

Trusted by various music industry organizations, TuneBlades is a product by MatchTune, a company known for its expertise in the field.Overall, TuneBlades serves as a Swiss army knife for audio editing, offering automatic audio resizing, remixing, and rendering capabilities using AI technology.

With its user-friendly interface and support for different platforms, it enables users to elevate their content by manipulating songs to fit specific durations or creative requirements while retaining the essence of the original melody and vocals.


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Pros and Cons


Smart audio editing
Automated audio resizing
Songs' fundamental melody preservation
Vocal preservation in remixes
Adjustable song duration feature
Easy uploading
Supports drag and drop
Link paste functionality
10 unique render options
Supports various HD audio formats
Cross-platform availability
Provides MacOS and iOS versions
Recommended by music industry organizations
Part of MatchTune product line
User-friendly interface
Enables content elevation
Maintains original melody and vocals
Effortless song manipulation
Efficient tailored audio content generation
Quick song editing capability


No Android support
No Linux support
Limited format support
No offline usage
Possibly expensive
Single-track editing only
Limited render options
No integration options
Doesn't support multi-language


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What different formats does TuneBlades offer to share my file in?
What are the unique renders offered by TuneBlades?
What types of high-definition audio file types can I export with TuneBlades?
Is TuneBlades available for both MacOS and iOS?
Who are the trusted music industry organizations that use TuneBlades?
Who is the company behind TuneBlades?
How does TuneBlades preserve the melody fundamentals and voices during the editing process?
Can I resize my song to any desired duration using TuneBlades?
Can TuneBlades adjust the tempo of a song?
Is it easy to get started with TuneBlades?
Can I use a link to upload songs into the TuneBlades app?
Can I extend or shorten the music using TuneBlades?
What platforms is TuneBlades available on?
How does TuneBlades help in audio remixing?
What is the user interface of TuneBlades like?


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