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Analyzed audio feedback for music mixing.
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Mix Check Studio is a free online web application that leverages AI technology to analyze your mixed or mastered audio tracks in WAV or MP3 format. It offers accurate and actionable feedback to help you refine your mixing and mastering skills, regardless of your level of experience.

To use the tool, you simply drag and drop your audio file or use the file selector to upload it. You then indicate whether it's a mixed or mastered track and specify the musical style or genre that best describes it; the AI technology will analyze it and provide you with feedback to improve your mix or master.

RoEx powers this app, and it assures users that their privacy is important and that their audio files will be deleted after the analysis. However, the app stores anonymized analysis results such as track metrics, which will be displayed once the track is submitted.

Users can also leave feedback on the app or join the RoEx Discord channel.Overall, Mix Check Studio offers a useful tool for anyone looking to improve their mixing and mastering skills.

By utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, it provides insightful feedback and analysis to enhance your audio tracks.


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Mix Check Studio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes mixed and mastered tracks
Accepts WAV or MP3 formats
Provides actionable feedback
Considers genre for analysis
Privacy-focused data handling
Stores anonymized track metrics
Offers feedback-reviewing option
User-friendly drag-and-drop upload
Invites users to Discord channel
Offers suggestions for improvement
Completely free to use
Dedicated to user skill enhancement
Operates as a web application
Supports beginner to experienced users
Defined process for operation
Affiliated with RoEx
Insightful track analysis results
Feedback is subjective and customizable


Supports only WAV, MP3 formats
Analysis not real-time
No user account system
Genre selection could be limited
Feedback could be subjective
JavaScript must be enabled
No mobile application
Results not exportable
Web-based tool only
No integration with DAWs


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What information do I need to provide when uploading a track to Mix Check Studio?
How does Mix Check Studio ensure the privacy of my audio files?
Does Mix Check Studio keep a record of my audio files after analysis?
What kind of feedback does Mix Check Studio provide?
Who powers Mix Check Studio?
How reliable is the analysis provided by Mix Check Studio?
Does Mix Check Studio have dedicated support or community platforms?
Can I provide feedback on Mix Check Studio's service?
Is Mix Check Studio free to use?
What steps does Mix Check Studio take to analyze my track?
Can I use Mix Check Studio if I'm unsure of my track's genre?
How does Mix Check Studio utilize AI technology?
What are the track metrics that Mix Check Studio stores?
Why should I trust the feedback from Mix Check Studio?


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