Database Q&A 2023-08-14
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Unlock your data with AI using SimplyPut.
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SimplyPut is a data analytics tool built on Artificial Intelligence to aid companies interact with data more efficiently and effectively. This tool translates data into an understandable and accessible format for all, enabling timely and informed decision-making.

Users can ask questions about their datasets in their own language and receive precise answers right away. The tool also demonstrates its reasoning process, which promotes understanding of how it derives its answers, enhancing trust in the insights provided.

SimplyPut is designed with a user-friendly interface to ensure an intuitive and enjoyable user experience. Beyond providing instant insights, it can clarify the line of conversation when further understanding or elaboration is required.

It is built to serve both data teams and end users, helping to manage company-specific datasets and derive actionable insights. The tool can be accessed via a web app, and can be integrated with Slack for real-time insights and analytics wherever your team communicates.

To connect and start using, you only need to input your data source credentials and enable access to any required data documentation.


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Pros and Cons


Translates data into understandable format
Users can ask questions in their own language
Timely and precise answers
Demonstrates reasoning process
User-friendly interface
Clarifies line of conversation for better understanding
Useful for data teams and end users
Manages company-specific datasets
Web app access
Slack integration for real-time insights and analytics
Easy data source connection
Data documentation enablement
Ensures data accessibility and understanding
Interactive UX through conversation thread continuation
Explains reasoning process
Facilitates efficient data management
Promotes trustworthiness in data insights
Real-time insights in discussion platforms
Streamlined setup process
Allows deeper understanding through chat
Enhances team collaboration
Recognizes query answering capability


Limited platform integration
No mobile app
Requires data source credentials
Limited language support
No offline version
No free trials mentioned
Not open-source
Requires data documentation input
Limited real-time capabilities
Dependent on Slack for communication


How does SimplyPut work?
What makes SimplyPut user-friendly?
Can SimplyPut interpret questions in any language?
How does SimplyPut promote trust in the insights provided?
How can I start using SimplyPut?
What are the steps for connecting my data to SimplyPut?
Does SimplyPut offer real-time insights and analytics?
How does SimplyPut integrate with Slack?
Can SimplyPut manage company-specific datasets?
What does it mean when you say SimplyPut uses AI to interact with data?
Can SimplyPut provide description and explanations for its reasoning process?
Can I use SimplyPut for decision-making support?
How does SimplyPut translate data into an understandable format?
Can SimplyPut serve both data teams and end users?
Does SimplyPut provide actionable insights?
Is SimplyPut accessible via a web app?
Do I need to input my data source credentials to use SimplyPut?
What kind of data documentation does SimplyPut require?
How does the user interface of SimplyPut enhance my experience?
Can SimplyPut aid companies interact with data more efficiently and effectively?


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