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Retain the power of language models without sacrificing your data privacy with Dot.
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Dot is an AI tool developed for the privacy-conscious users leveraging the power of language models. Engineered to run locally on the user's device, Dot facilitates offline operations ensuring data privacy and security.

Assuming a unique approach that doesn't transmit user data, it is designed to balance the benefits of language model tools with crucial privacy considerations.

Dot's main features include local operation, document interaction, and the use of a chat interface. The tool enables users to interact with their own documents and conduct conversations about these documents.

The service is primarily delivered locally, without the requirement of an internet connection. Alongside text interaction, Dot also offers a chat mode, known as Big Dot, enabling general conversations unrelated to documents.

This mode offers vast possibilities of conversation topics, exploiting the capabilities of the Mistral language model. Whether it is for document processing or casual conversational purposes, Dot brings the power of language models towards a more private, user-oriented experience.


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Apr 16, 2024
All great things are simple to use! Safe and useful app.
Apr 12, 2024
Hi there! I've been using this app for a while, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants independent/offline/cyber-secure AI software on their laptop or computer. I'm a student, so I mainly have been using Dot for my research and writing - I cannot express how useful it is to upload a bunch of my own essays/book pdfs/etc., and then use Dot as an advanced search engine basically while feeling confident that it's not going to end up leaked somewhere on the Internet. It's also helpful to be able to switch to "Big Dot” quickly and ask it questions sometimes (or have a funny chit chat lol) Also, loving the Gallery View mode 🖼️ I'm not super technologically advanced, but I found Dot pretty straightforward and easy to use. Will definitely recommend it to my friends!

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Dot App was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 17th 2024.

Pros and Cons


Ensures data privacy
Offline operations capability
No data transmission
Local operation
Interacts with documents
No internet requirement
Chat interface
Big Dot chat mode
Mistral language model
Document interaction allowed
Offline database Q&A
Local data processing
User-oriented tool
Runs on user's device
GitHub repository access
Free to use


Requires local storage
Limited by user device
No cloud backup
Depends on device performance
Limited document formats
Single user only
Not multi-platform
Lacks collaboration features
No real-time updates


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