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Generated social media bios.
Generated by ChatGPT

AI Social Bio is an AI-powered tool designed to help users create the perfect social media bio. It works by first allowing users to add up to three keywords to help shape their bio.

Then, users can select an influencer to inspire their AI bio. After selecting their inspiration, the AI Social Bio generator will create a customized social media bio that is tailored to the user's keywords.

Furthermore, it has a feature that allows users to A/B test their bio, as well as a side product led growth feature which allows users to use the app as a lead generator for their business.

AI Social Bio is a product of two indie makers, Michael Novotny and Marc Fletcher, and is copyright protected.


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AI Social Bio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Keyword influenced bios
Influencer inspired bios
Customized bio generation
A/B bio testing
App as lead generator
Get bios for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
Perfect for diverse roles (Teacher, Entrepreneur, Athlete etc.)
Indie-maker credibility
Easily connect with makers
Feedback collecting feature
Copyright protection
Privacy - no saving keywords/bios
Applicable for businesses
Lead generation for business
5 second feedback option
Side product led growth feature


Only 3 keywords allowed
Influencer selection limited
No multi-language support
Lacks customization options
Cannot save previous bios
Cannot import/export bios
No mobile app available
Only supports major platforms
No customer support mentioned
Limited A/B testing capabilities


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What is A/B testing in the context of AI Social Bio?
Can AI Social Bio be used as a lead generator for my business?
Are my keywords or bios saved by AI Social Bio?
Can I use AI Social Bio to create LinkedIn bios?
Does AI Social Bio have a feature for growth on the side product?
How is AI Social Bio beneficial to Twitter users?
Who are the Indie Makers behind AI Social Bio?
What are the steps to generate a bio using AI Social Bio?
Why should I use AI Social Bio?
What are the specific features of AI Social Bio?
Is AI Social Bio protected by copyright?
How to choose an influencer in AI Social Bio?
What does 'side product led growth' mean for AI Social Bio?
How does AI Social Bio ensure the bio resonates with my selected keywords?

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