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Building the first generation of AI employees.
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Artisan AI develops AI employees, also known as Artisans, designed to automate specific roles and workflows. These AI systems work alongside human teams, with the aim of supercharging productivity and efficiency.

Artisan AI serves various job functions - it doesn't limit automation to repetitive tasks but attempts to automate end-to-end workflows. The first-generation AI employees or 'Artisans,' include 'Ava,' the AI BDR (business development representative), who assists with outbound sales, discovering leads, writing and sending bespoke email sequences, responding to prospects' inquiries, and booking meetings.

Other planned 'Artisans' include 'Liam,' the marketer, and 'James,' the customer service representative, each tailored to perform specific roles with effectiveness.

One notable feature of the Artisan platform is the quick onboarding process, with users able to onboard their Artisan via a brief conversation. Artisan AI is designed to be a consolidated go-to-market platform with digital labor ingrained, aiming at reducing the usage of multiple SaaS platforms.


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Pros and Cons


Specialises in multiple roles
Full workflow automation
10-minutes onboarding process
Designed to replace multiple SaaS
Individual Artisans software
Artisans can work together
Supercharges productivity
Improves efficiency
Handles outbound sales
Lead discovery features
Email sequence creation
Real-time prospects responses
Books meetings automatically
Artisans have individual names
Marketer Liam
James the CS rep
Ideas for future Artisans
Existing stack integration
Optimises for positive sentiment
On-demand task assignments
Built-in platform usage
Self-improvement feature
Unprompted updates and suggestions
Can consolidate software stack
Advanced independent research
In-App communication
Advanced digital labor
End-to-end automation
No need for integrations
On-the-job learning
Productivity boost
Data analytics for ROI
Multichannel marketing campaigns
Saves overhead costs
Supports multiple job functions
Removes software fragmentation
Chat function to assign tasks
Advisory capabilities
Continuous feature improvement


Long waitlist for some roles
May require extensive onboarding conversation
Inflexible for unplanned tasks
Over-reliance on a single platform
Limits tool integration options
May not improve all workflows
Not all roles automated yet
Partially developed platform
Potential privacy concerns with data


What is the main purpose of Artisan AI?
What capabilities does 'Ava', the AI BDR from Artisan AI, provide?
What roles are AI 'Artisans' designed to automate?
What is the onboarding process like for Artisan AI?
Who are the upcoming 'Artisans' like 'Liam' the marketer and 'James' the customer service representative?
Is it possible to onboard an Artisan AI without any technical or domain-specific skills?
What job functions can Artisan AI automate?
Does Artisan AI only automate repetitive tasks?
How does Artisan AI aim to lessen the usage of multiple SaaS platforms?
Can Artisan AI integrate with my existing CS stack?
Will Artisan AI replace or work alongside my current team?
How does the 'Artisans' AI from Artisan AI cooperate with human teams?
How does Artisan AI enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace?
What makes 'Artisans' AI employees unique?
Can Artisan AI generate leads and run email sequences automatically?
What does it mean that artisans can use all platform features?
How does Ava from Artisan AI improve over time?
How is effectivity measured in Artisan AI tools, such as 'Ava'?
How does Ava from Artisan AI handle inquiries from prospects?
Can the Artisan AI platform interact through chat or Slack app?

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