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AI-driven insights for smarter investment decisions.
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Intellectia.AI is an artificial intelligence-integrated platform that caters to investors and traders. It aims to transform investment decision-making through AI-driven insights.

The platform provides a range of AI-powered tools such as event-driven stock picks for daily curated stocks based off significant events and customized stock selections that allow AI to conduct comprehensive technical analysis.Other features include Quick Insights, which provides complex financial analysis simplifying expert insights for all investors.

The Intelligent Chat feature offers comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date market and stock insights. It also includes features for handling stocks and cryptocurrencies with real-time US stock and cryptocurrency market data combined with integral analysis.Event markers, such as Insider Trade signals and Analyst Ratings, are also available along with real-time News Tags directly on your price chart.

Intellectia.AI further assists investment planning with its Economic & Earnings Calendar, and Live Calls and Transcripts feature, providing access for both recorded and live earnings calls and conferences with an AI smart summary.

The platform's aim is to make investing more effortless, insightful, and accessible for a new generation of investors.


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May 28, 2024
Really cool product! I use it every day to do stock research.

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Pros and Cons


Event-driven stock picks
Customized stock selections
Quick Insights feature
Intelligent Chat feature
Handles stocks and cryptocurrencies
Real-time US stock data
Real-time cryptocurrency market data
Integral market analysis
Insider Trade signals
Real-time News Tags feature
Economic & Earnings Calendar
Live Calls and Transcripts
Over 100 indicator support
Access to both recorded and live earnings calls
Effortlessly discover investment opportunities
40% monthly returns strategy
Democratizing Technical Analysis
Over 54M searchable documents
Covers 6000+ public companies
Over 100 news information sources
Offers a free trial
Efficient and rewarding investing
Comprehensive financial analysis
Curated stocks based on significant events


No multi-language support
Lacks international market data
No mobile application
Not for beginner investors
Limited community interaction features
No third-party integrations
No portfolio tracking
Unfit for long-term investors
No Forex trading data
Lacks sentiment analysis features


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What are the event markers in Intellectia.AI?
How does Intellectia.AI assist with investment planning?
What is the Economic & Earnings Calendar in Intellectia.AI?
Does Intellectia.AI support live calls and transcripts of earnings calls and conferences?
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What role does AI play in Intellectia.AI's stock selection process?
What are event-driven stock picks in Intellectia.AI?
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What data sources does Intellectia.AI use to provide analyst ratings and insider trade signals?
Double checking, is Intellectia.AI suitable for use with US stock and cryptocurrency markets?
How does Intellectia.AI provide real-time news tags on my price chart?

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