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Advanced free AI math solver to provide instant solution with 20%+ accuracy
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to assist with solving math problems and act as a math calculator and personalized tutor. Users can simply take a photo of their math problems, upload it, then receive an instant step-by-step solution in 10 seconds! is solving any hard math problem (such as Calculus, Algebra, Integral etc) for users from 100+ countries worldwide! This tool aims to help students improve their math skills and understanding through interactive problem-solving.

The tool is free to use and can be accessed anytime and anywhere, making it an effective learning companion for students from high school to university. offers two key modes: Homework Helper Mode and Tutor/Learner Mode. The Homework Helper mode provides instant step-by-step solutions, enabling users to comprehend the process of solving the problem. The Tutor/Learner mode offers a more personalized experience, generating study sets, tracking learning progress, and suggesting targeted daily tasks. It also provides practices on similar questions to enhance the understanding of weak concepts.

In addition to solving problems, MathSolver assists in mastering new concepts and preparing for exams such as AP Calculus and SAT Math.

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Pros and Cons


Photo upload for problem solving
Instant, detailed solutions
Two key modes: Homework Helper and Tutor/Learner
Generates custom study sets
Tracks learning progress
Recommends daily tasks
Practice on similar questions
Free to use
Accessible anytime, anywhere
Suitable for middle school to university
Preparation for specific exams (AP Calculus, SAT Math)
Interactive problem-solving
Personalized learning
25% higher accuracy than average
Summary for each step
Allows for follow-up questions
Knowledge graph feature
Upcoming features for enhancing learning
Testimonials from existing users
Endorsed by top schools
Supports handwritten problems
Multi-language support
Handles difficult problems


Requires internet connection
Accuracy not 100%
No offline mode available
No voice input support
No custom plan pricing
No advanced learning analytics


What is
How does work?
What features does offer?
What's the difference between the Homework Helper and Tutor/Learner modes in
Can assist with AP Calculus and SAT Math exams?
Is free to use?
How does the photo upload feature in work?
How can help improve my math skills?
Can generate study sets?
How does track learning progress?
Does suggest daily tasks based on individual learning progress?
Does offer practice on similar questions to strengthen understanding of difficult concepts?
How can assist with mastering new mathematical concepts?
Can be used at all education levels, from middle school through university?
How is's accuracy rate compared to the average?
Does explain the problem-solving process step-by-step?
Can I use anytime, anywhere?
What kind of problems can solve?
How can help with homework?
Is mobile-friendly?

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