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Refeed AI is a tool designed to streamline the process of accessing relevant news articles. It does this by allowing you to subscribe to a variety of news sources and then using AI technology to filter out the articles that align with your interests.

Refeed AI covers a broad spectrum of news outlets, including Bloomberg, Financial Times, Reuters, and BBC, among others, to ensure a comprehensive news coverage.

By providing a description of your article preferences, the AI system picks out relevant articles, which you can receive regularly and in a timely manner.

Additionally, after the curation process, users have the option to either read a summary of the articles or go to the original source.

This allows for an efficient utilization of time, ensuring you read only the most relevant news. In addition to individual use, it allows articles to be shared amongst users through a link.

By curating news from various sources, it assists various professionals in staying updated in their field, be it tech industry, healthcare laws, economic trends or cybersecurity regulations.
Refeed AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 28th 2024.

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Jun 28, 2024
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    Pros and Cons


    Customized news curation
    Broad news spectrum coverage
    Time-efficient reading
    Article summary reads
    Original source accessibility
    Content sharing feature
    Regular, timely article delivery
    Helps stay updated professionally
    User preference-based curation
    Covers top news outlets
    Multiple subscription options
    Supports various professional fields
    Saves significant reading time
    Option of full articles
    Channel creating feature
    Variety of news selection
    Precise article relevance
    Continuous learning algorithm
    Efficient news aggregation
    Price-tier system flexibility
    Option for free trial
    Streamlined news access
    Supporting top newsletters
    Secure link-based sharing
    Fields like cybersecurity included
    User testimonials provided
    Capable of rapid updates
    Ensures comprehensive coverage
    Critical in fast-paced industries
    Supports wide source range
    Gives over 100 options
    Hourly article reception
    Number of relevant articles
    User-defined source specifying
    Individual channel creation
    Premium unlimited articles
    Channels access for users
    Caters to healthcare laws
    Includes economic trends
    Tech industry news coverage
    Easily navigable interface
    Self-improving news relevance
    Reduces information overload
    Impacts user productivity positively
    Constructive for informed decisions
    Filters non-relevant news
    Encourages continuous learning
    Endorsed by professionals


    No free tier
    Limited sources per channel
    Article limit in Core package
    Lacks wider news coverage
    No API for third-party integration
    No offline availability
    Time-limited trial
    No custom source addition
    Inflexible subscription options

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