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Boost your social media presence with planned posting.
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SocialPilot is a versatile tool designed for the effective management and scheduling of social media content. It assists both agencies and brands to enhance their digital presence across various platforms, making it an approachable choice for small businesses, marketing agencies, multiple location brands, and large organizations.

An array of functionalities are provided by SocialPilot which includes publishing and scheduling posts, offering detailed analytics, promoting engagement, and fostering collaboration between team members and clients.Furthermore, it provides the ability to customize the tool for a branded user experience with its White Label feature.

The tool is equipped with a comprehensive social media calendar for a complete view of planned content and an AI Assistant to expedite the content creation process.

Additionally, it allows for efficient team management, combining multiple analytics reports, and instant content sharing with a browser extension. The platform also offers capabilities for bulk scheduling, storing posts and hashtags in a content library, handling client coordination, obtaining client approvals in a streamlined manner, and supporting various integrations.

SocialPilot caters to multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Business Profile, Pinterest, and TikTok, making it a one-stop solution for broad-spectrum social media management.


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SocialPilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple platforms
Detailed analytics
Promotes team collaboration
Customizable user experience
Comprehensive social media calendar
Efficient team management
Browser extension for instant sharing
Bulk scheduling
Content library
Streamline client approvals
Multiple integrations
Custom branding with White Label
Can combine multiple analytics reports
Supports promoting engagement
Can obtain client approvals
Publishing and scheduling posts
Capability for content creation
Can handle client coordination
Useful for small businesses, agencies, multiple location brands, and large organizations
View of planned content
Facebook post generator
Instagram caption generator
TikTok caption generator
Plans effective social media campaigns
Easily generate social media captions
Broad-spectrum social media management
Perform timely performance measurement
Offers Collaborate On Drafts
Saves time by repurposing content
Creates PDF reports automatically
Monitor and respond to social interactions
Allows tracking and responding to reviews
Allows efficient team collaboration
Allows the storing of posts and hashtags
Can collect customer reviews
Robust reporting tools
On-demand customer support
Intuitive interface
Allows approving content on-the-go
Coordinates campaigns through unified communication
Allows tracking post-performance insights
Can schedule up to 500 posts in single operation
Has an RSS feed for content ideas
Can Manage Social media for multiple locations
Offers Multi-Location Brand solutions
Works with many popular tools, platforms, and browser extensions
Easily manage social media accounts and assign roles
Integrated with Bitly for link shortening and tracking
Store best-performing content for future use


No content curation feature
Lacks sentiment analysis
Overwhelming for beginners
Requires multiple integrations
No built-in image editor
Lacks autopilot scheduling
No free version
Limited hashtag analytics
Client portal restrictions
No native video support


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How does SocialPilot handle client coordination and approvals?
Does SocialPilot offer bulk scheduling options?
What is the role of the browser extension in SocialPilot?
Can I customize SocialPilot according to my brand requirements?
How can I share content instantly with SocialPilot?
Does SocialPilot offer a content library for storing posts and hashtags?
Can SocialPilot support my social media strategies across various location brands?

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