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TidyLearn is an all-in-one study tool that leverages artificial intelligence to cater to various study needs. It helps manage tasks, notes, flashcards, and practice questions, keeping all this data centralised and easy to access.

Key features include task creation, aiding in structuring study time and helping to establish what to study each day.The platform uses active recall methods, allowing students to stay on top of their flashcards, and create practice questions.

These questions can be manually created, or generated from student notes with the help of AI. The AI then grades the answers, providing suggestions for improvement and grading explanations based on student's strength on each question.TidyLearn also introduces a built-in timer to help students track their focus time.

The tool also assists in generating study materials like notes, flashcards, and questions from provided study material. Additional AI features include generating mnemonics and analogies to bolster memorisation, providing statistical insights based on study habits and performance, assisting in essay creation, and answering queries directly.Another feature of interest is the 'Brainstorm AI'.

This function is useful for brainstorming ideas and providing suggestions for upcoming projects. Lastly, TidyLearn can be started for free, making it an accessible and versatile tool to enhance structured study routines.


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Pros and Cons



Limited collaboration tools
No multi-language support
Potential privacy concerns
Absence of offline mode
Lack of advanced customization
Time tracking might be intrusive
Not suited for group study
Inflexible task management features


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