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BySteffen Knoedler
Der Assistent für das Jurastudium
GPT welcome message: Willkommen, Jurastudent!
Sample prompts:
Gebe mir eine Lösungskizze für den Haakjöringsköd Fall
Nenne relevante Gesetzestexte zu "Mord aus Habgier"
Wie bereite ich mich am besten auf meine nächste Jura-Klausur vor?
Wie begründe ich meine Entscheidungen rechtlich?
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Jura & Recht - Mentor is a GPT aimed at assisting law students. Developed by Steffen Knoedler, this GPT is a ChatGPT Plus tool that offers a solution-driven scaffolding for the complex field of legal studies.

It is designed to aid in various areas of law study, offering guidance on topics ranging from case law to legal reasoning. The GPT operates by offering intelligent prompt starters, tailored to cater to the vast expanse of legal education.

For example, it can offer a solution template for the Haakjringskd case, list relevant laws related to 'Murder for Greed', guide on how to prepare for upcoming law exams, or demonstrate how to legally justify decisions.

These features indicate that the GPT is a valuable resource for law students aiming to enhance their understanding of legal principles and practices.Moreover, the welcoming message 'Welcome, law student!' suggests a user-friendly interface, designed to engage and encourage students in their learning process.

Users must sign up to engage with this GPT, indicating a secured platform for sharing and gaining knowledge. Overall, Jura & Recht - Mentor provides a comprehensive platform for aspiring legal professionals to understand, connect, and interact with the multifaceted aspects of law, thereby contributing to a more insightful and enriched learning experience.


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