Contract Drafting and Review for legal professionals.

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Spellbook is an AI Contract Drafting & Review tool developed by Rally Legal. It uses OpenAI's GPT-3 language model to assist legal professionals in drafting and reviewing contracts.

Spellbook has the capability to instantly draft new clauses and entire sections based on the context of the agreement, detect aggressive or unusual terms, suggest important language and clauses that may be missing, and provide common points of negotiation.

Spellbook is also able to reference facts about the world from sources such as Wikipedia and books. It is the only GPT-3 powered tool that has been tuned for contracting and integrated with Microsoft Word.

Spellbook is currently in early access and will be gradually opening up to new users over the coming months while they continue to fine-tune the product.

Spellbook was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 5th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Drafts contracts 3x faster
Integrated with Microsoft Word
Detects aggressive terms
Suggests missing clauses
Provides negotiation suggestions
Drafts new clauses instantly
Can reference world facts
Tuned for contracting
In-app language suggestion
Aggressive term alert
Auto diligence feature
Entire section drafting
Trained on vast legalese
Expected early access
Customized by Rally Legal
Immediate unusual term detection
Understands contracts and world


Only works with Microsoft Word
Limited accessibility (early access)
Reliability on GPT-3 accuracy
No support for other languages
Lack of established reputation
Potential for data security issues
Limited customer support channels
Lack of integration with other legal software
Reliance on user feedback for fine-tuning


What is Spellbook?
Who has developed Spellbook?
What AI model does Spellbook use?
How does Spellbook assist legal professionals?
What are the key features of Spellbook?
Can Spellbook detect aggressive or unusual terms in a contract?
How does Spellbook work with Microsoft Word?
Is Spellbook currently available for everyone to use?
How can I get early access to Spellbook?
Which sources does Spellbook reference for facts?
What benefits can I expect from using Spellbook?
Does Spellbook suggest language for contracts instantly?
Can Spellbook propose common points of negotiation in a contract?
In what context does Spellbook draft new clauses and sections?
How does Spellbook differ from other AI contract drafting tools?
What sources has Spellbook been trained on?
What future features can we expect from Spellbook?
How does Spellbook integrate with Microsoft Word?
What is the technology behind Spellbook?
Is there any customer support available for Spellbook?

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