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The Drafting Wizard is a feature of LegalPad.ai, an AI-powered platform designed to meet a variety of drafting needs. The tool is designed to facilitate the creation of legal drafts with a step-by-step process, providing a structured approach and assistance, which significantly simplifies the document drafting process.

The system takes the user through sequential stages: setting the draft title, defining sections, setting up subsections, and the generation of the draft.

Additional advanced options allow the adjustment of the length of the draft according to the user's preference. LegalPad.ai also provides users the option of adding new sections with a drag-and-drop feature.

The tool can be particularly useful for individuals who often find themselves handling diverse drafting tasks, as it visibly organizes the drafting process, thus fostering efficiency.

Notably, the platform supports a wide range of jurisdictions and languages, making it highly versatile for global use. Once the draft is generated, users are also able to edit it further.

Minor features like the generation of images are disabled on the platform.


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May 21, 2024
Loved that it can draft any legal doc without a pre-configured template

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Pros and Cons


Step-by-step drafting process
Structured approach to drafting
Customizable draft length
Drag-and-drop section addition
Enhanced drafting efficiency
Supports multiple jurisdictions
Supports multiple languages
Post-generation editing option
Title setting feature
Section defining feature
Subsection setup feature
Draft generation
New section addition
Numerous advanced options
Useful for diverse tasks
Organizes drafting process
Impressive global versatility
Image generation disabler
Credits upon signing up
Guest word limit feature
Section rearrangement option
Advanced draft length options
Jurisdiction selection feature
Language customization feature
Title generation feature
Section outline generation feature
Subsection generation feature
Stop generation option
Option to redraft
Direct open in editor
Headings list provision
Keyword selection feature


No image generation feature
Limited to legal drafting
5000 words daily limit
May not support all languages
Requires step-by-step process
No offline version
No mentioned integration capabilities
Paid upgrades necessary for detailed drafts
Limited customization options
No collaborative drafting features


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