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Modernizes memes and creates new ones from articles.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to give your memes a fresh new look?
Sample prompts:
Modernize this meme for me.
Create a meme from this article link.
Make this meme more colorful.
Generate a meme based on this article.
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Meme mAgIc is a GPT designed to modernize memes and generate new ones based on article content. It operates on top of ChatGPT and brings a unique touch of creativity and freshness to the traditional usage of memes.

Its capabilities span from updating the design and styles of existing memes to creating brand new memes from provided article links. Users initiate interactions with prompt starters, such as 'Modernize this meme for me,' 'Create a meme from this article link,' 'Make this meme more colorful,' and 'Generate a meme based on this article.' These indicate that the GPT is capable of color enhancements and article-based meme generation.

Meme mAgIc potentially provides a new fun, yet practical, avenue of exploring meme creation and enhancement for both personal and commercial engagements.

As it works on top of ChatGPT, users may need to sign up for ChatGPT Plus. Overall, Meme mAgIc could serve as a valuable tool in social media interactions, strategic marketing, or simply for the creation and sharing of humorous and engaging content in different online platforms.


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Meme mAgIc was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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