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ByZachary Chan
Boost your knowledge with an AI educational tutor.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm TutorGPT, here to help with your studies. What can I assist you with today?
Sample prompts:
Can you explain this concept from my textbook?
How would you frame an exam question about this topic?
What's the key idea in this lecture slide?
Can you create a practice question similar to this sample exam?
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Wisdom Wizard is a GPT that functions as an educational tutor, specifically designed to support learners with their course materials and exam preparation.

Its purpose is to assist and guide users in understanding complex concepts from textbooks, formulating exam questions, identifying key ideas from lecture slides, as well as creating practice questions akin to sample exams.

For example, users can prompt Wisdom Wizard with questions such as, 'Can you explain this concept from my textbook?' or 'How would you frame an exam question about this topic?'.

In response, it provides insightful and relevant explanations, helping users to study and prep more effectively. The Wisdom Wizard GPT works on top of ChatGPT and requires ChatGPT Plus for its operation.

Through this GPT, learners can perceive a more interactive and personalized form of tutoring that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. It simplifies the learning process and makes studying more efficient and less daunting for the user, thereby helping them to achieve their academic goals with flexibility and ease.

In conclusion, Wisdom Wizard is a valuable AI-enabled educational tool that boosts user's learning process in a flexible, interactive and user-friendly manner.


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