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Transform mundane PDFs into interactive conversations
Generated by ChatGPT

ChatFiles serves as an AI study assistance tool that focuses on transforming PDF documents into interactive conversational interfaces. By converting text into a chat format, it provides a unique learning experience, making information more enjoyable and accessible to understand.

The tool also possesses document management capabilities, allowing users to upload, categorize, and share their PDF materials efficiently, making it a suitable environment for both study and work purposes.

Highlighting keywords and performing reference searches, ChatFiles encourages thorough learning experiences. Extra features include 'Easy Copy & Paste' to simplify information extraction and personalized settings such as 'Dark Mode' and multilingual options to fully adapt the interface and its functionalities to user's preferences.

ChatFiles prioritizes data privacy and security, storing all documents locally to ensure protection. Ideal for students, researchers, exam preppers, and professionals, the tool is designed to effectively manage and expand their knowledge base.

Subscription services are offered for users who wish to access all application features and also receive a Credits package.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms PDF to chat
Document management capabilities
Upload, categorize, share PDFs
Keyword highlighting
Reference searches
Easy Copy & Paste
Dark Mode
Multilingual options
Local document storage
Data privacy and security
Subscription services
Credits package
Designed for iPad
Offers In-App Purchases
Knowledge Expansion & Review
Personalized settings
For students, professionals
Contact via email
ChatFiles Pro subscription options
Does not link data to identity
35.4 MB size
iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac compatibility
Available in English
Age Rating 17+
Frequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information and Unrestricted Web Access
Developer provides App Support


Dependent on PDF quality
Limited language options
No trial period
Limited to text-based PDFs
Local storage fills device memory
Requires internet for full functionality
No Mac support for Intel chips
Works only with iOS 13.4 or later
Chat interface may limit context


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How does ChatFiles handle data not linked to my identity?
What is MindPower (HongKong) Limited's role with ChatFiles?
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