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Platform for patent drafting and prior art searching.
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Chekable is an artificial intelligence-powered platform for writing patent application drafts, checking their novelty, obtaining prior art reports, and benchmarking competitors.

The platform provides a chat-based patent drafting tool that allows users to create a patent application easily and quickly. With its AI-based novelty checking feature, the platform can perform a prior art search in a matter of minutes, which saves users time compared to the manual process.

The public beta version of the platform is free to use. Chekable offers a variety of free prior art sample reports to choose from, such as those related to supersonic planes, wearable hidden breast pumps, plant-based seafood, emotion-regulating toys, and personalized crash helmets.

The platform guarantees state-of-the-art security for its users and provides privately emailed reports. Users can use Chekable to build confidence in their invention and have a benchmark instantly.

The AI-powered platform enables users to test the originality of their idea and quickly identify similar inventions, allowing them to make data-driven, no-go decisions.

Chekable can also help users find their closest competitors, learn about their differentiators, and prepare for their defense. Chekable aims to simplify multiple use cases and plans to offer infringement monitoring, matching inventions with an attorney, matching inventions with a licensee, matching inventions with a manufacturer, and customized patent insurance.

The platform provides a trusted and reliable environment for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and patent professionals. Users can sign up for early access to Chekable's foundational AI.


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Oct 18, 2023
There was no need to use any keywords. Just describing the invention and its inventive concepts found relevant prior art easily. Can also use generative feature to come up with first draft

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Pros and Cons


Chat-based patent drafting
Quick prior art search
Free public beta version
Variety of free prior art sample reports
State-of-the-art security
Privately emailed reports
Competitor benchmarking
Invention originality testing
Competitor identification feature
Provides differentiators for defense
Plans for infringement monitoring
Platform matches invention with attorney
Platform matches invention with licensee
Platform matches invention with manufacturer
Customized patent insurance
Trusted platform for entrepreneurs, small businesses, patent professionals


No multi-language support
No real-time collaboration feature
No mobile app available
Limited to patent applications
No API for integration
No offline functionality
Non-customizable report templates
No direct filing to patent office
No mentoring or consulting services


What is Chekable?
How does Chekable work?
What is Chekable's AI-based novelty checking feature?
How is Chekable beneficial for patent applications?
What is the chat-based patent drafting tool offered by Chekable?
How does Chekable's AI help quicken the prior art search?
Is Chekable secure for user data?
What is the significance of Chekable's private email reports?
How can Chekable help users benchmark competitors?
How can Chekable assist in identifying similar inventions?
Can Chekable be used to help secure a patent attorney?
What are some of the free prior art sample reports that Chekable offers?
Can Chekable be used for infringement monitoring?
What is the process of matching inventions with a manufacturer on Chekable?
Is Chekable's platform beneficial for small businesses?
How can Chekable help in making data-driven decisions?
Can Chekable find users' closest competitors?
What are Chekable's future plans and use cases?
Can Chekable be used by patent professionals?
Is there an available beta version for Chekable?

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