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Evalify is an AI-powered tool designed to analyze a vast number of patent documents from various jurisdictions worldwide, aiming to uncover potential legal risks in tech startups.

It's primarily used by investors for decision-making enhancement by quickly generating a robust data point identifying intellectual property (IP) risks.

The tool conducts a preliminary Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) analysis and provides a scoring system to assess potential patent infringements. This assessment utilizes almost 200 million patent documents and is specially designed to suit early-stage startup ideas.

The tool maintains user confidentiality by analyzing pitch decks without storing them or permitting human access. Evalify provides preliminary patent clearance and automated FTO assessments faster than traditional methods, offering users less risk and peace of mind.

The platform can be conveniently used online 24/7 and can execute hundreds of analyses simultaneously. The cost-effectiveness of this tool, combined with its speed, makes it an attractive alternative to hiring IP professionals.


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Evalify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes vast number of patents
Uncover legal risks fast
Used for decision-making enhancement
Preliminary FTO analysis
Scoring system for infringement
Analyzes 200 million patent documents
Designed for early-stage startups
Maintains user confidentiality
Online platform 24/7
Executes hundreds of analyses simultaneously
Cost-effective alternative to IP professionals
Fast patent clearance
Automated FTO assessments
Decreases startup investment risk
Immediate IP risk score generation
Stealth mode for sensitive assessments
Retains analysis results securely
Offer originality, competitor, legal risk identification
Available worldwide across 170 jurisdictions
Supported by industry-leading partners
Accessible, self-service platform
Fast, scalable, reliable and secure
Standardizes early-stage startup evaluation
Offers value-generating activities
Submit, search, score functionality
Cost savings compared to traditional IP services
Initiate analyses using pitch decks
Objective and consistent risk assessment
Accessible online any time
Volume-based discount pricing
Backed by top venture studios
Startup-friendly IP assessment tool
Provides actionable results in minutes
Adds additional layer of diligence
User-friendly patent data for evaluation


Limited to patent analysis
No human validation involved
Potential bias in scoring
Based on public patents only
Only analyses pitch decks
Designed mainly for investors
Specifically for early-stage startups
No local language support
Limited data storage options
Not suitable for comprehensive analysis


What is Evalify?
How does Evalify work?
Who can use Evalify?
How does Evalify help in decision-making?
Does Evalify offer a scoring system for patent infringements?
How does the scoring system in Evalify work?
Is my data safe with Evalify?
Does Evalify store any data?
How is Evalify faster than traditional methods?
Can I use Evalify anytime I want?
How many analyses can Evalify execute simultaneously?
Is using Evalify cost-effective?
Why choose Evalify over hiring IP professionals?
How can I start using Evalify?
What do I need to submit for Evalify to analyze?
Which jurisdictions does Evalify cover in its patent document analysis?
What insights can I expect from Evalify's analysis?
What is Preliminary Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) analysis offered by Evalify?
What can Evalify tell me about potential IP risks in tech startups?
How does Evalify compare to traditional IP professionals?

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