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ByCharles Root
Expert in patent searches and analysis on Google Patents
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm Patent Explorer, now also using Google Patents! How can I assist you today?
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Find patents related to this patent number
Provide related patents based on this invention description
List patents similar to this renewable energy technology
Compare patents in the field of autonomous vehicles
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Patent Explorer is a GPT that performs thorough searches and in-depth analysis on Google Patents. Its functionality is centered on aiding users in their quest to find and understand patents more easily.

It features an intuitive interface and approach, making it a reliable tool for anyone involved in patent research or requiring patent-related insights.Patent Explorer excels in providing detailed and related patents based on specific patent numbers, descriptions of inventions, or even general technologies like renewable energy.

Its particular strength lies in its ability to compare patents intelligently, enabling users to recognize similarities and differences between patents in various fields such as autonomous vehicle technology, perhaps aiding innovation and technological advancement.The GPT uses a welcoming approach asking 'How can I assist you today?' and operates on prompt starters making user-interaction seamless.

Users can prompt queries or instructions tailored to their individual needs, making Patent Explorer a flexible and customisable tool.Whether the need is to browse through newer patents in a specified field, or perform a comparative analysis between patents in different verticals, Patent Explorer potentially reduces the time spent and increases efficiency of the patent exploration process.

Furthermore, it requires ChatGPT Plus meaning users get to benefit from the enhanced functionalities of this more advanced system. Created by Charles Root, Patent Explorer not only aids in patent searches and analysis but also adds an added layer of comprehensibility to the otherwise extensive and potentially daunting field of patents.


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Patent Explorer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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