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Convert text into videos in one click.
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CopyCopter is an AI-powered tool designed to transform longform text content, like blogs and newsletters, into short videos in an effortless, single click operation.

It provides a platform for users to engage with any type of text content, create unique AI videos, choose from various AI voices for voiceovers, and customize output with an integrated editor.

The process starts with the user providing text content through a publicly accessible URL (blogs, articles, news etc.). The platform then writes a unique video script for the article.

Users can customize their video by modifying the voice script, picking the voice actor, and deciding between Stock Footage and AI-Generated Images. Additionally, an advanced video editor offers tools to fine-tune the final output, including image and video replacement, and options for automatic posting on platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Features of CopyCopter include a selection of unique voices, an easy-to-use video editor, and a high quality AI-powered image generation model. Regular new updates allow for a continually evolving set of features.

The tool is noted for its adaptability, being suitable for a wide range of content types, and its user-friendly nature, accommodating even those new to video editing.


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May 18, 2024
good one compare with others as it clearly refelect what it said even hindi was clear and perfect where most software fail to produce correct prononciation ramesh rajani

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Pros and Cons


Single click operation
Integrated customization editor
Converts text from URL
Automatic unique video script
Voice actor selection
Advanced video editor tools
Replacement of image and video
Auto posting on TikTok, YouTube
Constant feature updates
Adaptable to various content
User-friendly, even for beginners
Supports content conversion
Supports tutorial creation
Includes digital marketing features
Converts blogs, newsletters
Generates 100% unique videos
Personalize voice scripts
Edit video script
Quick video generation
SEO enhancement via videos
Create faceless videos
Works on public URLs
Custom script generation
Insert own images, videos
Auto-posting on social media platforms soon
Include stock video footage
New feature suggestions welcomed


Requires publicly accessible URL
Limited voice actor selection
Image replacements manual
No direct text input
Automatic posting limited platforms
Updates may disrupt workflow
Limited editor tools
Adaptability not fully explained
Customization might be complex


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What benefits do I get from CopyCopter's regular new updates?
How beginner-friendly is CopyCopter?
Can CopyCopter help me even if I am new to video editing?
Is there a possibility of using CopyCopter without internet connection?
What types of video formats does CopyCopter support?
Does CopyCopter have a mobile app version?
How do I contact the CopyCopter team if I need help?
What is the pricing of CopyCopter?
Can I use CopyCopter for professional video editing?

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