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The Future of AI-Powered Social Media
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Flibbo revolutionizes social media interaction by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), networking, and commerce. This unique platform offers a space where users can connect and share experiences while discovering new subjects.

Flibbo brings together various facets of online interaction, allowing users to share traditional content such as photos and videos, alongside unique categories like book highlights and meditation.

This broadens the spectrum of available content and caters to the diverse interests of modern users. One of the standout aspects of Flibbo is its approach to monetization.

The platform allows users to instantly monetize various forms of content, offering both budding and established creators an opportunity to earn from their contributions without waiting periods.

The platform incorporates AI in various areas, such as suggesting video edits or curating content according to user preferences. It even assists in setting up an online storefront, enhancing overall user experience.

Aside from connecting with others, Flibbo provides avenues for commerce, allowing users to build a business or a brand within the platform. Emphasizing holistic user engagement, Flibbo creates a blend of active learning and personal growth alongside socializing.

Flibbo is setting new standards in the fusion of social networking and AI in a vibrant and evolving ecosystem, aiming to illuminate the future of social media.


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Flibbo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 7th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Unique content categories
Instant content monetization
Content curation based on preferences
Online storefront setup assistance
Commerce opportunities within platform
Blend of active learning and socializing
Holistic user engagement approach
Platform for building business
Emphasis on personal growth
Provides avenues for diverse interests
Budding and established creators monetize equally
Great for brand building
Support for unique content creation
Seamless discovery of new subjects
New Modes for Bibbo Image Generator
Revamped UI for Social Feed and Login/Signup
View Previous Outputs in Image Generator


In-app purchase required
Overwhelming features for new users
Limited to iOS 12.1 or later
Not suitable for basic socializing
Too broad content spectrum
Instant monetization may attract spammers
High age rating (17+)
Interface may be over-complex
No data collection for personalization

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