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Unified Interface for all your work apps.
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Floworks is a unified conversational interface designed to revolutionize software interactions and optimize productivity by streamlining workflow inside companies.

Its primary tool, Flowy, uses AI to automate an array of work processes, including but not being limited to sales management and CRM updates. Offering features like automated prospecting, personalised outreach, and sales cycle management, Floworks significantly contributes to reducing lead generation costs and increasing conversion rates.

Floworks boasts its distinctive proprietary Large Action Model, ThorV2, which is claimed to outperform some contemporary models in terms of accuracy, latency, cost and reliability, offering an unprecedented level of productivity.

Furthermore, Floworks simplifies task execution by allowing users to handle various tasks, such as creating emails, updating CRM, and setting up meetings, directly from their chat interface.

It offers seamless integration with workplace applications, making the entire work process highly efficient. Floworks is designed with the aim to facilitate streamlined business operations, reducing the time and resources required for routine tasks and ensuring the accurate and timely tracking of leads and updates.

Floworks was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 7th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Unified software interaction
Optimized workflow
Sales management automation
Automated CRM updates
Automated prospecting
Personalised outreach
Streamlined sales cycle
Lead generation cost reduction
Conversion rate enhancement
Task management capabilities
Chat interface for tasks
Workplace application integration
Proprietary Large Action Model
Superior accuracy in ThorV2
Reduced latency of ThorV2
Cost-effective ThorV2
Reliable ThorV2
Actionable through chat interface
Email creation in chat interface
CRM updating in chat
Meeting setup in chat
Business operation streamlining
Reduced task time consumption
Precise lead tracking
Timely updates and tracking
Work from Slack using Flowy
Plain english interactions with Flowy
Works in Slack and Teams
Engages leads via Gmail
Coordinates with calendars
CRM update synchronization
Cheaper lead generation
Productivity improvement
Time saving for managers
Improved data hygiene
Increased lead engagement
Increased customer closures


Proprietary model not transparent
Dependent on chat interface
Limited to work applications
Platform specific (Slack, Teams)
Availability not stated
Missing detailed technical data
Cost details not mentioned
One-size-fits-all approach
Requires workflow adjustments


What is Floworks and its primary tool Flowy?
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What processes does Flowy automate in a workplace?
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How does ThorV2 outperform some contemporary models?
How does Floworks simplify task execution?
Can I create emails, update CRM, and set up meetings using Floworks?
What applications does Floworks integrate with?
How does Floworks contribute to business operations?
How does it ensure the accurate and timely tracking of leads and updates?
What is the Sales Unified Interface offered by Floworks?
What cost reduction benefits can I expect from using Floworks?
How does the Automated Prospecting feature in Floworks work?
What features does the Sales Cycle Management tool offer?
What task management features does Floworks offer?
How does Flowy work with chat interfaces?
How does Floworks ensure productivity?
Can you personalize outreach messages with Floworks?

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