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Secure and AI-native workflow automation tool for technical people.
Generated by ChatGPT is a secure, AI-native workflow automation tool designed for tech-savvy users. This tool affords the capability to inject code into the workflow as necessary and has the provision to be hosted within your infrastructure.

Beyond just basic workflow automation, has advanced AI features that allow further enhancement of workflows, thus optimizing various use cases including lead automation, CRM boosting, and limitless integrations.

It is also a helpful solution for backend prototyping and saving engineering resources, and can be used for securing operations and embedded automation practices.

The tool supports both JavaScript and Python, and you can use external npm or Python libraries and import cURL requests. Developers have the flexibility to work either with a UI or through code, and given its iterative development approach, it allows for short feedback loops.

Furthermore, provides the opportunity to host not only on-premises but also offers a cloud solution.

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Pros and Cons


Code injection capability
Hosted within user's infrastructure
Optimizes various use cases
Useful for backend prototyping
Securing operations
Embedded automation
Supports JavaScript and Python
Use of external npm or Python libraries
Ability to import cURL requests
UI or code work flexibility
Iterative development approach
Short feedback loops
On-premises or cloud hosting
Lead automation
CRM boosting
Limitless integrations
Saves engineering resources
Full source code availability
Self-hosting opportunity
Robust developer community
Multiple-step agent building
Chat with own data/tools
Integration with own products
Model usage flexibility
Over 400 integrations
Enterprise ready
Advanced on-prem or cloud solution
Environments synced via git
Single sign-on
LDAP support
SOC2 compliance
On-premise option
Allows external logging
Advanced RBAC permissions
Plugins into own products
Can use any model
Code in JavaScript or Python
Offers An iterative building approach
UI when not coding needed
Over 400 integrations available
Enterprise scalability
Synced environment via git
Single sign-on and LDAP
SOC2 complaint
Fully on-prem option
Advanced RBAC permissions


Tech-savvy users required
On-premise hosting necessary
Limited to JavaScript and Python
Requires code injection
Iterative development approach
External libraries needed
Long setup for integrations
Workflow automation varies


What is
How does the workflow automation on work?
What are some examples of the AI features on
How does code injection work in
Can be hosted within my own infrastructure?
What languages does support?
Can I use external npm or Python libraries with
Can I import cURL requests into
What are the options for hosting
Can be used for backend prototyping?
How does help in lead automation?
How can CRM be boosted using
What integrations are supported by
How does help in saving engineering resources?
Is capable of securing operations and implementing embedded automation practices?
What level of developer flexibility does offer between UI and code-based operation?
Can workflows on be enhanced beyond basic automation?
What is the iterative development approach of
What kind of technical proficiency is required to use
How does aid in optimization of various use cases?

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