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OpenTable has teamed up with ChatGPT to offer restaurant recommendations via the popular chatbot. The integration allows users to receive personalized restaurant recommendations based on their preferences and location, with a direct link to make a reservation on OpenTable.

ChatGPT offers a user-friendly and convenient way to find restaurants and make reservations without the need for multiple apps or websites. This partnership is an effort to make discovering new restaurants easier while keeping things fresh for OpenTable users.

The integration will gradually roll out to ChatGPT Plus subscribers first before expanding to more users. Users can ask ChatGPT questions such as finding a specific cuisine, type of ambiance for a special occasion, or even a restaurant that offers outdoor seating.

While the integration is still in its early stages, this partnership presents an opportunity for both OpenTable and ChatGPT, benefiting both the restaurant-goers and the businesses.

For restaurant owners, this integration could potentially drive more traffic to their establishments and boost sales. Overall, the collaboration aims to make discovering new restaurants an effortless and enjoyable experience for diners.


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OpenTable ChatGPT plugin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized restaurant recommendations
Location-based suggestions
Direct link for reservation
No need for multiple apps
Questions about specific cuisine
Queries specific restaurant attributes
Drives traffic to restaurants
Gradual roll out
ChatGPT Plus subscribers first
Increases restaurant exposure
Effortless restaurant discovery
Fosters enjoyable dining experiences


Limited roll out
ChatGPT Plus subscribers first
No multiple restaurant booking
No real-time availability check
Dependent on OpenTable database
No availability prediction
No cuisine specific search
No group booking support
No direct communication with restaurant
No restaurant review feature


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When will OpenTable ChatGPT be available to more users?
How can I get updates about the OpenTable ChatGPT plugin?
What are the benefits of OpenTable’s integration with ChatGPT for regular restaurant-goers?
What kinds of restaurants will OpenTable ChatGPT recommend?
Can OpenTable ChatGPT suggest restaurants for specific occasions?
Do I need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus to use OpenTable ChatGPT?
Can OpenTable ChatGPT find a restaurant in my location?
What are some example questions I can ask OpenTable ChatGPT?
Can I find restaurants of a specific cuisine or ambiance using OpenTable ChatGPT?
What's the feedback about this integration from users and restaurant owners?
Does using OpenTable ChatGPT require using multiple apps or websites?

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